Hobby Update: A Month Into 2019

Well, January was pretty quick, wasn’t it?  Hard to believe we’re more than a month into 2019.  It’s been a busy month, too.

Hobby-wise, I’ve not done a huge amount.  I have managed to get in a couple of games of Terraforming Mars.  I played with a group at one of our Northern Knights sessions and then, later in the month, with my wife:

I’m delighted that she likes this game as I really love it and this makes it a lot more likely to make it to the table.  She’s also pretty good at it, though she’s not played much yet.  Still one of the best games out there.

I also played a game of Twilight Struggle.  I played as the USSR and won just as we entered the late-war stage:

There was a lot of back and forth over Europe in this game.  Really, we spent too long tussling over it, but my opponent was intent on keeping control of as much of it as possible.  The Middle East also saw some action and Asia was the site of a few altercations.  Africa was largely left alone, as were the Americas.  I ended up winning, but it was a good, competitive game.

In addition to the games I played myself, I saw some cool games being played by others at some of our gaming sessions.  Getting out of work late one Thursday, I was quite late to one of our gaming sessions and arrived to find folk having a game of the Binding of Isaac card game.  The card art was quite pretty and I settled in to see how the game worked:

It was interesting, but I don’t think this one is for me.  It’s very much a “take that!” style card game, like Munchkin.  These sorts of games have their place, definitely, but I think I really have to be in the right mood to enjoy them, and be playing them with the right group.

Another week, whilst I was playing Twilight Struggle, some of the guys were playing Arcadia Quest.  It’s always cool to see this game played with a full set of painted miniatures:

I like this game and would like to play it again sometime.  The guys seemed to really enjoy it, particularly when using the Pets, which were new to most of the players.

I have managed to play a fair amount of D&D over the past month, too.  We’ve started a new Wednesday night campaign whilst our usual Wednesday DM is away.  That’s been going really well and I’m enjoying playing as a Druid for the first time.  We’ve also been continuing our fantastic Strahd campaign.

Dungeons & Dragons managed to secure first place in my Top 50 for 2018, and it continues to shine into 2019.  I still say I want to play some different RPGs this year (particularly Traveller), but if I just keep playing D&D I’d still be happy!

Other than tabletop games, I’ve been really enjoying a blast of concentrated nostalgia in the form of the SNES Classic.  It’s a great little box that’s packed full of my childhood:

The games on it are pure gold, and I’m loving playing back through Super Mario World and Yoshi’s Island at the moment.  I’ve also stuck some extra games on it, like the rest of the Donkey Kong Country series, a stack of JRPGs and the underrated classic, Evo: The Search for Eden.

I’ve also just picked up Wargroove on the Switch!  Enjoying it thus far.

And even further away from tabletop gaming is cooking.  This is something I’m wanting to go back to treating as a hobby and really making an effort.  I feel that for much of the past year I’ve been lazy with cooking, so branching out and trying new things is going to be a focus for me this year.  Had a lovely curry night recently, for example:

I think that getting back into cooking will have a positive impact on my life and I’m looking forward to it.

Anyways, catch you next time!


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