Holiday Hobbying: Part 1

Hallo! I am out and about at the moment, visiting family and re-engaging with (relatively) metropolitan life in the Central Belt of Scotland…

Yeah, it’s really confirming that I’m happier up beyond the wall. But it’s still a nice change of scenery for a short time.

In previous years I’ve brought too many games with me, filling up several large shopping bags in the car. This year, I controlled myself, bringing only some RPG books and some miniatures and paints.

The reason I brought miniatures was to buy and try out the new Games Workshop Contrast Paints. I popped into Common Ground Games in Stirling to pick up the paints, and Warhammer Stirling to buy Mollog’s Mob for Warhammer Underworlds and the couple of colours I could not get at Common Ground.

I picked up a few more than these, but they were not to hand at the time. I took an hour or so one evening to play around with the new paints, starting with the bone spray on Mollog’s Mob, along with the Chosen Axes and Sepulchral Guard:

The coverage of this primer is actually really good. I was very impressed. I then had a go at sone painting. Painting is not my forte, but I do like playing with painted minis, so the contrast paints could be really good for me.

So, first impressions are generally positive. Some of these paints have really good coverage, but a couple that I have tried weren’t quite as good. Plaguebearer Flesh is one that disappointed me. Talassar Blue is my absolute favoueite so far, and the reds are really good, too.

In terms of my painting, I am happy with what I have done so far, except for Mollog himself. I went too dark with him and have had to do a bit of drybrushing to bring him up a little. He does not look as good as the others, but it’s still better thab playing with bare plastic and this is the first painting I have really done this year. I have not done any further work today, but I want to try and get some done tomorrow. I might try to finish my Chosen Axes or start my Sepulchral Guard. We’ll see.

I also took a little trip to the Oxfam store in Stirling and I left with quite the haul of Jim Butcher books. I love the Dresden File series, but have either read then on my Kindle or listenes to the audiobooks. This was a great chance to pick up nine of the books for a cool £20. Delighted!

Today we drove through to Hamilton (the town, not the show) and visited the board game cafe, Settlers. It was a nice place with friendly staff. I saw Bunny Kingdoms on a shelf and it whispered to me until I picked it up and took it home. Looking at it now, it seems like a game I am going to enjoy. I hope to get a game of it in the next day or two.

At the end of the week I am off to London for a family wedding. We’re staying for a few extra days to see Hamilton (the show, not the town) and the Harry Potter studio thingy. I’m also hoping to have a little poke around some hobby shops.

There won’t be a 5 On Friday this week, but I hope to do one for next week. It’s just an absolute pain to make that article on the phone.

Catch you soon!

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