Sale at the Storytellers Vault

I don’t normally share sales on here. I do share bundles, which are a type of sale, but not your regular, old sales.

This one, I’m sharing.

After talking up the Storytellers Vault in this week’s 5 on Friday, it seems there’s a sale on lots of fantastic World of Darkness material over there. The highlights for me are the core books for each of the 20th Anniversary editions of the various World of Darkness games.

There are also a ton of supplements and Storytellers Vault user-created material on offer. If you’re interesting in getting started with WoD or just expanding your collection or knowledge, this is a great opportunity!

You can click here to visit the sale page. It’s running for a another 9 days.

It’s just a pity there are no savings on print-on-demand books! I’d be all over a cooy of Beckett’s Jyhad Diary or the 20th Anniversary Edition of Changeling: The Dreaming. Oh well, still lots of lovely PDFs available!


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