Humble Bundle: Vampires & Werewolves (World of Darkness)

World of Darkness!  I’m always glad to see WoD bundles appear, whether on Humble Bundle, Bundle of Holding or wherever.  If nothing else, they help to raise awareness of a great series of games.  This bundle, featuring titles from the Vampire and Werewolf game lines, focuses on the world of the World of Darkness, with each book exploring a different part of that world and the supernatural creatures that inhabit it.

As usual, the bundle is split into several tiers.  In this case, there are three tiers.  The first tier, costing a mere $1 will net you three books:

wod bundle 1.PNG

Interestingly, there are not any actual rulebooks in this tier, nor in any of the others.  This is not a bundle that gives you all you need to actually play the games.  Instead, this is all additional content that fleshes out the setting.  As such, the bundle is slightly limiting its own audience to those already familiar with the games or willing to pick up a rulebook from somewhere else, such as DriveThruRPG.

On the actual contents of this tier, I’ve not actually read any of these three books.  The vampire one, Cairo by Night, is set in a city, of course.  The Kindred are always attracted to population hubs.  The Werewolf book, Rage Across Egypt, covers the conflict between werewolves and vampires in Egypt.  This tier is great if you intend to run a campaign set in Egypt, as you will get a pretty full picture of both the Werewolf and Vampire societies in this country.

Paying $8 for the second tier will get you all three items from the first tier and a further eight books:

wod bundle 2

I’ve read a couple of these books.  Both editions of Chicago by Night are fantastic resources.  Chicago was long the ‘default’ setting for Vampire: The Masquerade, and these books really help to flesh it out.  I also have Berlin by Night which is good, but a little bit goofy in places.  Finally, DC by night is a dream setting for any Ventrue intent on power and control.  There are also a further two cities – Hong Kong and San Francisco – covered in this tier, though the San Francisco book has more of a focus on the Eastern vampires, or Kuei-jin.

For Werewolf players, there’s a thorough examination of Australia and then a more generalised, global overview of the war with the Wyrm.  I was never that interested in Werewolf: The Apocalypse, so I just don’t know a lot about this line.

The third tier costs $15.  Again, it includes everything in the previous two tiers, but also includes a further seven titles:

wod bundle 3

Again, I’ve read a few of the books in this bundle.  Mexico City by Night is interesting as it focuses on a Sabbat-controlled city.  It also includes the character, Szechenyi Jolán, a particularly terrifying Tzimisce known as the Mother of Horrors.  The Sabbat theme in this tier is carried on by New York by Night, in which the Camarilla and Sabbat are engaged in a war for the city.

Werewolf-wise, the Garou get their own New York book and also get a trip to South America with the Amazon book.  Rage Across the Heavens also sounds really interesting, focusing as it does on prophecies and celestial influences during the year of reckoning.

All in all, this is an interestingly themed bundle that does, without the inclusion of any actual rulebooks, strike me as a little odd.  That said, I’ve picked it up.  I want to read the Werewolf books, as I don’t feel I know enough about the Garou.  I’m on holiday next week, so that’s my reading sorted!

As always, some of the proceeds from this bundle will go to charity.  You can learn more and pick up the bundle itself by clicking here to visit the Humble Bundle site.

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