Humble Bundle: Rogue Trader

There’s a Humble Bundle up at the moment for Rogue Trader, a roleplaying game based on Warhammer 40,000.  This is my favourite of the 40K RPGs, are I think it just has a bit more room for maneuvering, a bit freer of established lore whilst still getting to draw on it when you want to.  This bundle has a huge amount of material across two editions of the game and represents fantastic value.

One wee thing worth mentioning is that it feels a little cheeky to see Cubicle 7’s logo plastered all over the PDFs in this bundle, given they were developed by Fantasy Flight Games.  I suppose that’s the nature of licensing deals and Cubicle 7 as a company is fine.  Just doesn’t sit quite right, y’know?

That aside, the first tier of this deal will set you back a mere $1 and includes the following:

rt bun 1.PNG

The core book is in this tier and that alone is worth the price of admission.  It’s a gorgeous book with lots of great artwork.  The rules themselves are kinda crucial for playing the game.  Obvious, I know, but just sayin’ for the record.  This tier also contains two ‘introductory’ adventures.  We like adventures.  They let us be adventurous!  Into the Storm is a bit different, being a sourcebook that expands on the character creation, giving lots of new options.  The most exciting of these options is the opportunity to play as Kroot and Ork mercenaries.

The second tier costs $8 and, in addition to everything from the previous tier, nets you a further five titles:

rt bun 2.PNG

There are loads of adventures in this tier.  Lure of the Expanse has three adventures whilst The Frozen Reaches and Citadel of Skulls are the first two books in a trilogy of long, interconnected adventures.  It also includes Epoch Koronus, a sourcebook on the various going on the Expanse region, and Hostile Acquisitions that sets you up to be less of a sanctioned trader and explorer and more of a pirate.  Couple Hostile Acquisitions and Into the Storm to have some fun with Ork Freebooterz!

For $15 you can get yourself the contents of the previous tiers and another five PDFs:

rt bun 3

This tier has some GM materials, along with streamlined rules for ship creation.  I like the fact that you can really customise your ships in this game, so Drydock’s streamlining helps a lot.  Use this alongside Battlefleet Koronus, which gives more options for ships and new rules for ship combat.  This tier offers a lot for those who are interested in building and maintaining one of the massive ships used in the 40K setting.

The final tier costs $18.  This is $3 more than the previous tier, but those few shekels get you a lot of extra stuff:

rt bun 4.PNG

$18 for this tier and everything that came before is a fantastic deal.  You’re getting an absolute wealth of material for very little outlay.  This tier features the third and final instalment in the adventure trilogy that started in the second tier, in the form of Fallen Suns.  There’s also a Bestiary book, which will be incredibly useful to the GM, giving a ton of creatures, including a unique monster for each of the Chaos Gods.  Whereas the previous tier had rules for starship creation, Stars of Iniquity gives rules for the creation of planets, which will be handy for GMs.  The Faith and Coin and Navis Primer books will give yet more options for player characters.

This bundle is an absolute steal.  $18 for the lot?  Yes, please!  The game is now discontinued, so there won’t be any new books coming out, so with this bundle you’ll have everything that was published for it.  You’ll have gotten yourself a solid game that, whilst a bit crunchy for me, does capture the feeling o the 41st Millennium.  I’ve played a couple of one-shots and one longer campaign and had a blast with it.  My navigator (Seb Holt!) remains one of m most memorable and beloved RPG characters.

You should go over to the bundle page and take a look.  Oh, and remember that some of your cash will go to worthy causes!  That just sweetens the deal.

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