5 on Friday 25/10/19

It’s Friday, and here on No Rerolls that means it’s time for an all-new 5 on Friday. We’re going to start with 5 exciting releases for this week before moving on to our usual digest of some of our favourite articles from the past week. Of course, we’re slow readers, so don’t be surprised if there are some articles that are a little older – these are just some of the great articles we happen to have actually read in the past week.

Releases and Previews

Every week there are many games and miniatures released. This will probably be a mix of previews, preorders and releases, and with release dates being the way they are in this industry, it’s always pretty approximate. Excuses out of the way, here are 5 of the releases that caught our attention this week:

Games Workshop releases new Imperial Fists character, Tor Garadon – Games Workshop is continuing their rollout of Primaris character and the continue to look awesome.  One of their latest offerings is this resplendent son of Dorn:

tor garadon

I think that with the advent of Contrast Paints, there will be more people willing to take the plunge and paint up some yellow power armour.  This will hopefully see more people taking on the Imperial Fists as their Space Marine chapter of choice.

Tuesday Knight Games releases A Pound of Flesh supplement for the Mothership RPG – Horror is a great theme for roleplaying games.  Among my favourite games are those in the World of Darkness series and the little Jenga-based indie title, Dread.  Tuesday Knight Games have recently put out this new supplement for their horror RPG, Mothership:

a pound of flesh

First of all, The Merchant of Venice is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays, so big props for the reference!  The supplement promises a toolkit for building “your own run-down, back-water, black market space station”.  That sounds pretty cool to me, and it also comes with a pre-built station as an exemplar.  I’ll be checking out Mothership in the near future, as reading it about for this article has really caught my interest.

TTCombat releases Sector Nihilus MDF terrain – I can personally attest to the value of TTCombat’s MDF terrain.  There are companies that do more elaborate or detailed terrain, or even pre-painted stuff, but TTCombat cannot be matched for value.  Their stuff is nice, and continues to get better and better over time, and it’s very functional for use with miniatures.  Let’s take a look at their latest offering, Sector Nihilus:

ttcombat nihilus.PNG

This is clearly adapted from their fantastic Industrial Hive terrain, but with an added element of corruption.  This is a hive that has fallen to Chaos!  The core terrain is really nice and I love the added details like the portal and the floating cube.  Also, the set above?  £26.  Cannae beat that!

Petersen Games launches 8-Bit Attack on Kickstarter – Sandy Petersen just keeps putting out great stuff.  He’s showing a complete disregard for the health of my wallet.  Inconsiderate.  His latest offering is the Kickstarter for 8-Bit Attack:

8 bit attack 2.PNG

The game looks really interesting.  It’s a Petersen game, so there are of course some Lovecraftian horrors lurking in there, too.  That it’s already printed in some quantity takes away the element of risk normally associated with Kickstarter campaigns.  Go take a look!

P.B. Publishing releases The Big Book of Horrors for 5E – This was actually released a month or so ago, but it’s nearly Halloween, so it’s suddenly a lot more relevant.  The Big Book of Horrors is a collection of horror-themed content for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons:

big book of horrors

The bulk of the book, and the most interesting part for me, is a selection of new subclasses for each of the D&D classes.  The ones that most interest me are the Fear Domain Cleric and the Oath of the Lantern Paladin.  There are also several new backgrounds (I like the sound of the Liberated Thrall) and some pregenerated characters.  I’d also be interested to read the Dhampir rules and compare them to those from Kobold Press.

Blog Posts/Articles

The meat of 5 on Friday, the articles are listed in no particular order, so let’s get into some recommendations:

My Favorite RPG Mechanics (That I’d Actually Use) @ Faith, Fiction & Fatherhood – I seem to be linking to this blog rather a lot in these Friday digests, but it really is one that I enjoy reading.  This post is  lengthy exploration of the various mechanisms from various games that the author appreciates and would use in any RPG that he designed.  I like a lot of these mechanisms, myself.  The aspects from Fate Core and D&D 5E’s advantages and disadvantages stand out as really good mechanisms.

The Dark Age Of Sigmar @ Mr Abandonware – Dark Age of Sigmar, also known as AoS28, is something I’ve been watching for a while.  There’s a nice Facebook group I keep an eye on, and I follow the tag on Instagram.  This post is a nice summary of exactly what is meant by Dark Age of Sigmar and the aesthetic and narrative that adherents to the movement are trying to achieve.

Unearthed Arcana: Fighter, Ranger, and Rogue Analysis @ The Kind GM – This is another blog I read regularly and seem to link to quite frequently.  I don’t really keep up with Unearthed Arcana, so this sort of post is really useful to me.  All three of the new subclasses are interesting.  The Swarmkeeper is especially intriguing in theme, even if seemingly a bit under powered.  I also agree with the author about the Revived being slightly misplaced.

Best 3 Games with…4X! @ The Players’ Aid – I love 4X games on the PC.  Civilisation, Stellaris, Europa Universalis, Galactic Civilisations – all absolute classics in my book!  I also like board games with this theme.  The author of this post describes three games that exemplify this theme.  I actually own all three of them but, to my great shame, I have only actually played one of them.  The one I’m particularly keen to get to the table is Space Empires.  It sits on the shelves nearer my desk and stares at me.  It goads me.  It vexes me.  It tortures me.

Squaddie September 2019 @ Convert or Die – This is  great roundup of the author’s recent hobby exploits.  He’s been busy!  Of the many projects listed, the highlights for me are the Escher gangers for Necromunda (I love the purple and yellow) and the Skaven (because Skaven are always awesome).  I also really liked the Squigs, as I’m sorely tempted to do a Squig-themed Gloomspite Gitz army.  Also, after reading this post I’ll be adding Azazel’s Bitz Box to my regular reading.  Thanks for the recommendation!

This week on No Rerolls, we’ve taken a look at the new trailer for the upcoming Werewolf: The Apocalypse video game and written a review of a homebrew setting book that brings the world of Azeroth into 5E D&D.

Catch you later!

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  1. Cheers for the shout-out, glad you’ve been enjoying my work 🙂 October was a little quieter for me but I’m hoping to kick things up a gear again in November. And yes, Azazel is well worth a read – the man is a painting machine and his monthly challenges alone have been a great motivator.


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