A Weekend’s Building

This weekend, I spent much of my time putting together some MDF buildings and accessories from TTCombat.  I often sing the praises of TTCombat in the 5 on Friday segments, where I’ve frequently shared their new releases.

The first item I spent some time on was their Yu Pagoda set, along with one of the extra floor expansions, taking it from a 2-floor building to a 3-floor one.  The pagoda took a lot longer than I expected to build, but it was also much bigger than I thought.

The large amount of greyboard/card used in this kit was quite annoying to me.  I like the layered effect you can get by using this card, but I really hate the smell that comes with it.  The burnt smell of the MDF is bad enough, but the card just has such a stronger, sharper stench to it.

Was it worth it, though?  Yeah, I’m really happy with the finished product:

My intention was to use it for Infinity, so I’ve got a couple of Infinity miniatures in there for scale.  As I said, the pagoda is much bigger than I expected but wasn’t too complicated to build.  My floors don’t fit together quite perfectly, but with a bit of a shoogle things do sort themselves out and fit together.  I’m a little anxious about how the card will take spray paint, but we’ll see, I suppose.

Next up was some buildings from the Industrial Hive range.  These could also be used for Infinity, largely because they add some verticality to the map, or for Necromunda.

All in all this industrial set had two large platforms, some smaller ones, a few walkways and some chemical vats.  There were very simple to build and were very modular.  The walkways fit into the buildings and the square tower can be split into individual floors which can be used on their own as two smaller platforms.  The only fiddly bits were the round drums for the chemical vats and, other than this small inconvenience, the whole thing was pretty straightforward to put together.

Once I’d finished most of my building, save for the walkway railings which I’ll do midweek, I put these new buildings and gantries together with the odds and ends I already had.  It turns out that I’ve got most of a board sorted now.  Certainly, there’s just about enough here to cover my 4 by 4 mat:


I think I need to pick up some accessories, objectives, and scatter terrain just to finish things off.  Placing some of the rooftops would also make the place seem more lived-in and less bare.

My goal of having a nice table for Necromunda or Infinity is drawing ever nearer!  This is also the first time in a long time that I’ve posted my own hobby stuff.  I’m glad to be doing that again.  Part of the problem, of course, is that I’ve not had much time to do much hobbying, let alone write about it.  I’m going to try to do a bit more going forward, as I really enjoyed the construction this weekend.


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