Custom Chapter Challenge: The Claws of Man

Our local club, The Northern Knights, has launched its newest painting contest; our fourth since the club closed its doors at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown. This event is a little more than just a painting contest, however. This event more is more of an all-round creative endeavour. This is our chapter creation contest.

The rules that were devised are as follows:

  • Must be a Space Marine Infantry miniature and cannot be a named character, however you may use named characters for parts/kit-bashing etc.
  • Minimum 3 colours, must be fully based (clear bases do not count) and cannot be on a base greater than 40mm round. (This means you cannot enter vehicles, bikes etc., it must be an infantry entry.) You can add diorama style bases but this should not significantly exceed the standard base size, if unsure then confirm with Ray.
  • Avoid pre-existing or famous colour schemes where possible (appreciate with the huge number of marines this isn’t easy but try not to just copy a scheme that exists).
  • Conversion/Kit-bashing fully encouraged however the chapter must be loyal servants of the imperium, while they don’t have to be golden boy Ultramarines, NO CHAOS SPACE MARINES can be submitted as an entry. (We’ll do a chaos version and likely a xenos version at some point).
  • Your chapter’s gene-seed is entirely up to you, but may be listed as unknown if you want a little intrigue.
  • You may choose your own chapter name. Ray will be hosting a live randomized name drawing via discord (@2pm, Saturday the 10th) for those who want a bit more of a challenge, you will be given a randomized name to work from drawn from a name generator.
  • If you cannot think of a name or are unsure on how to proceed with a given name, you may use the club name (Northern Knights) as the basis, as the intention of the contest is to create a club specific chapter, however you can always come up with whatever you like, randomized names are for challenge/fun and not legally binding.
  • Voting will be based on two elements, you will receive a score based on your miniature submitted via voting and you will receive a score for your submitted chapter form which will be given to you on Saturday via this discord. So both your colour scheme and the chapters illustrious history will contribute to your score!

As someone who has never had a Space Marine army – or at least not a loyalist one – this is a cool idea. Heck, I might even come up with a suitable scheme for my Indomitus marines. That’d be nice.

We had the name drawing on Saturday and, actually, it was a lot of fun. We got a nice wee crowd on voice chat and had a good laugh at some the names that the random generators came up with. Before rerolling, one chap got “Blood Angels” as a randomly generated name. That’s preposterous. What a terrible name for a chapter. What would they even look like?

I do think I got one one of the worst draws, with “The Claws of Man” being drawn for me. As the rules state above, I do have the option (nay, the right!) to use the club name or come up with my own name, and that is what I initially intended to do. But then it occurred to me that, actually, if I’m reall getting into the spirit of this then I should really just bite the bullet and use thie terrible, terrible, terrible name.

So, yes, The Claws of Man, it is.

I intend to try to put together a Chapter Approved style profile of the Claws of Man, along with a painted Intercessor to show off whatever colour scheme I end up with. So far I have a few ideas. For example, my intention is that they will be a new, Primaris chapter, descended from the Ultramarines and tasked by Guilleman with protecting the north east of Ultramar from any future Tyranid threat, and to hunt down and eliminate any extant beasties that may still inhabit any world within their jurisdiction.

Beyond that, well, I’m workin’ on it!

More as it comes!


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