Hobby Update May 2021: The Hag Joins the Party

I felt pretty decent about my progress last month, but it’s been a lot slower this month as it’s one of our busier times at work. That said, I’ve not done nothing. This month, I have fully completed only one new miniature, though it was a biggie! This was the Troggoth Hag, which represents a lovely 380 point chunk of my Gloomspite Gitz. This is nearly 10% of the 4,000 point target that I have set myself, so I’m reasonably chuffed.

I was worried when I first got this miniature. The pose seemed like it was going to cause some balance issues and that the weight of the body would snap the superglue-secured join between the foot and the leg. See how it leans so far forward? The staff helped a lot with this, balancing the miniature and making if feel a lot more secure. I did add some extra rocks under the staff, just to give more surface area for the join. It actually feels pretty solid, which is a nice surprise.

This is the first Forgeworld miniature I’ve picked up in about 15 years and I was generally happy with the sculpt and the quality of the casting. The resin was mostly find to work with, except for a few pretty large supports that were toucher to remove. I’m also happy that I got through this miniature quite quickly. That felt good.

In addition to this lovely lady, I’ve been working away on my 20 Boingrot Bounders. I like these miniatures and have enjoyed working on them. Last night I finished up their bases. All that really needs done now is the wash stage on the armour and then some touch-ups, cleaning up little mistakes on the squigs, goblin flesh and robes. Oh, and some details like claws, teeth, eyes and the like.

I’m a bit further on than I was when the photo was taken.

With those done, I’ll have finished most of my squig riders. There’s just a second Loonboss on giant Squig and a couple of pairs of Mangler Squigs. These are my favourite miniatures in the Gloomspite Gitz range, and might be my favourite Age of Sigmar miniatures, generally. I’m glad that I’ve started working on them:

I’ve done one set as a regular pair of Mangler Squigs and one as a Loonboss riding the beasties. It’s the loonboss I’ve shown above, but both are at about the same stage, paint-wise.

Now, in addition to these miniature, I’ve also prepped my next batch of Squigs. I have 40 Squigs and 8 Squig Herder to paint up to finish off the Squig portion of my Gitz. It was a fun morning of spraypainting:

I’m looking forward to finishing off this chunk of the army, though I’m a tad concerned that I will likely need to add something else to the force if I want to keep it at 2,000 points once the third edition of AoS hits and does away with the Battalions that I am currently using. Maybe a shaman or two? I’m half tempted by a Colossal Squig from Forgeworld…

Beyond the Gitz, I’ve not done a whole lot model-wise. I did build my Void Dragon for the necrons. I’ve started putting down some texture paint and some base colours on the wings and the mechanical bits.

I’m still not sure what to do with the body, but I do have a few idea that I’m throwing around. I need to grab an old mini to use for some testing. I’m bound to have some old Chaos Space Marines somewhere…

On the topic of Chaos, I’ve cleaned up some of the greenstuff on my Garden of Nurgle miniatures. I’ve still not finished the Daemon Prince. His pose is proving problematic. The issue that it’s based on the Drycha miniature which comes on a 105x70mm oval base, but I’m trying to fit it comfortably onto a 60mm round one. I’ll work it out. As I have finished up the first 30 Plaguebearers, it’s time to move on to the next miniatures. The Nurglings won’t really be converted, so I’m not worrying too much about them for now. The bigger issue will be the Beasts of Nurgle.

In the original plan for the army I was going to use Chaos Spawn, but since I’m using Horticulous Slimux, it makes sense to take advantage of his synergy with the Beasts. My intention is to use the bodies of some Plague Drones as the basis of the Beasts and to festoon them with tentacles. With this in mind, I ordered this lovely gadget from Green Stuff World:

I look forward to rolling out some suitably gribbly tentacles for m’Beasts! I’ve still not even really thought about painting them yet, but I’m enjoying this as a slow burn project that I carry on with, a little bit at a time.

Outside of these practical aspects of the hobby, I’ve picked up a few new books:

For Warcry, I grabbed the Chaos and Destruction books. Warcry is a game that I hope to play a fair bit of when our local club returns and these two books will allow me to use both my Nurgle stuff and my Gitz.

In RPGs, I’ve picked up the latest D&D book, Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft. I loved the Strahd campaign, so I’m keen to see how Wizards of the Coast are expanding on the Ravenloft setting for this edition. I also grabbed all of the new Paranoia stuff. This includes a few smaller supplements and decks, but the main thing is the latest boxed set, Project Infinite Hole. I love the R&D department in Alpha Complex and all of the crazy-dangerous inventions that emerge from it. It’s one of my favourite parts of the setting, so I’m delighted that this latest set puts it front and centre.

I’ve also been writing about my Traveller campaign. The campaign wasn’t quite going to plan and I was letting it grow arms and legs a little. Between pacing, people being new to the system and setting, and with our usual GM being available again, I’m just hanging it up. It’s a pity, as it was nice to run something again, but I was worried that it was feeling a bit… flat. When we’re allowed to meet again in person I’d like to try again to get something going. preferably something like Changeling, Dresden, or the like. And some Paranoia one-shots, actually. I’m disappointed in how the game went, but hey ho. It is what it is.

And that was May. I think I’ll be finishing a few more miniatures in June, starting with my 20 Boingrot Bounders. Beyond that, I’m hoping to make progress on my Manglers and maybe make a good start on the big batch of squigs. Beyond that? Who knows?


  1. Nice painting. The skin of your Troggoth has come out really well and her net looks great considering what a pain it must be to paint. I’m looking forward to seeing your Squigs finished too; they’re such a fun part of Warhammer.


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