Hobby Update April 2021: Gardening for Papa and Some Squiggly Beasts

Following on from our February update (not much done in March), let’s take a look at April’s hobby efforts. There’s not been as much painting as I’d have liked, but lots of building!

As I shared in both of my posts, I’ve been working on building some lovely Nurgle/Sylvaneth kitbashes to represent a beautiful Garden of Nurgle army. I previously shared the first couple of units of Plaguebearers which were largely built, but needed some gaps filled with greenstuff:

Since the, I’ve finished up greenstuffing them, so they’re all pretty much reading to be hit with the rattlecan. In addition, I also shared some pictures of individual Plaguebearers, a Sloppity Bilepiper, a Daemon Prince and a Feculent Gnarlmaw in the states they were in at the time:

Since then, I’ve built the last 10 Plaguebearers (for now) and am about halfway through the greenstuff work on them. I also build my Horticulous Slimux miniature to read the army. I’ve included a picture of him below, as well as one of my favourite Plaguebearers. Behold the luxurious hair:

Putting these miniatures together has been a lot of fun. I love that no two miniatures are the same and that I’m going to end up with something a little bit different.

I’ve also spent a bit of time getting the bases ready for the miniatures that I’ve built. I’ve gone for a lovely, swampy, slimy base:

The bases were a lot of fun, which is unusual for me, as I normally find basing quite tedious. I’m actually working on a review of some basing materials that might go up in a week or so.

In addition to the Nurgle bois, I’ve cracked on with some Gloomspite. I’d love to say that I’ve cleared out more miniatures than I have added but that would be a lie… sort of. I ended up adding 2000 points of spider riders to my Gloomspite. This is made up of 56 miniatures. The thing is, I actually already owned 50 of them. Take a look at this picture;

The three large, generic Citadel boxes are Arachnarok Spiders, the big beasties of the army. The smaller generic box is a Scuttleboss on Gigantic spider. He would prove to be a total pain in the arse to build. Just awful. Finally, the old Space Marine Rhino box contains 50 Spider Riders that were salvaged from my recent clearing out of old Orc miniatures.

I’ve now built them all and have textured the bases. I’ve not taken many photos, but I did snap this one midway through building the Arachnaroks:

I’m not intending to do much more with these spiders until I’ve done some more work on the Squig and Trolls. On the Squig front, I built my second set of Mangler Squigs, this time with a Loonboss perched on top:

I love the Mangler Squigs miniature. I think it’s genuinely the nicest model in the Gloomspite range. It’s actually a bit intimidating to think about painting it.

What I have painted are a number of smaller Squigs. These are my Squig Hoppers. I made them up as two units of 5, but am presenting them here all sat together as a 10:

It was a struggle to fit them all into my little light box for pictures, so I’ve gone ahead and ordered a slightly bigger one. They turned out ok, but they took way longer than they should have because of my epic levels of procrastination. 20 Boingrot Bounders to go to round out my cavalry!

Beyond miniatures, some cool books arrived as well. Actually, I may have gotten a bit carried away with books… The highlights were a number of Call of Cthulhu books, including the Malleus Monstrorum, the core books for Delta Green, the Starter Set and a couple of adventures – Shadows of Yog-Sothoth and Tatters of the King – from a previous edition. Stargrave also arrived yesterday, along with Genlab Alpha from Free League’s Mutant Year Zero line. I’ve been trying to find Genlab Alpha for a decent price for some time. It was frustrating that I essentially had books 1, 3, 4 and 5 from the line, but was missing book 2. It came back into print in February, so I grabbed it.

In the coming month, I’m intending to get some more painting done. Hopefully some Boingrot Bounders and some sort of monster. The next theme for our club’s painting contest will be a monster, so I’m thinking either Mangler Squigs or the Troggoth Hag… maybe a C’Tan? We’ll see. I’m also hoping to find out when my preorder of the Horror on the Orient Express reprint will be fulfilled.


  1. Awesome looking minis. Love the giant snail monster. Are you using the Vallejo texture on your bases? Looks a bit different than most of the GW products.

    What is Genlab Alpha about?

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    1. Yeah, the mud is Vallejo’s Thick Mud Acrylic texture. I picked up the European Mud one which is a lot lighter than Games Workshop’s mud texture, Stirland Mud, so I’m darkening it with a quick coat of Wyldwood Contrast paint. The squigs all have the Vallejo Earth Texture (desert sand) on their bases, but I prime over that so the underlying colour doesn’t really matter like it does for the mud, at least in the way that I’m using it.

      So, Mutant: Year Zero is a post apocalyptic RPG of survival in the desolate remains of the world. The main book focuses on human mutants, but then Genlab Alpha focuses on animal/human mutant hybrids.

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      1. I thought I recognized the texture. I have three of them. One of the Earth ones was too light, so I ended up painting over it with Baneblade and two coats of Agrax. The other Earth was too dark for what I was doing. I did find that if I mix the two, it comes out about perfect though. I wish they had a nice inbetween color that I could just use out of the jar, but maybe I’ll premix one in a half used jar at some point.

        Thanks for the info on Genlab Alpha. I can see why that’s so important for a post Apoc game now.

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