Beasts of Nurgle

When I was exploring the idea of doing a Garden of Nurgle army, there were a few things I was going for. One was an insectoid look for some of the miniatures. The Daemon Prince made out of the Drycha miniature was the first to embody that theme.

When I added in Horticulous Slimux because of his clear associated with thcGarden theme, it made sense to also add some Beasts of Nurgle. There’s synergy there, after all. The thing is, at £27.50 a model RRP, I wasn’t keen on buying half a dozen of the chaps. That’s £165 that could be better spent elsewhere in the army.

At that point I decided to see what I could do with the Plague Drones. I had two Start Collecting boxes, so I had 6 Plague Drones. I’d already used one set of their wings to make my Drycha-themed Daemon Prince and I intend to use a couple more sets in future for some more Daemon Princes I intend to make. One will use the old Great Unclean One whisky the other will use an old, metal Demon I have from Heresy Miniatures:

Both need wings. Clearly.

Given that half of my Plague Drones would be unusable anyway, I thought it a good idea to use the bodies for something else. I’d already found a use for the rider parts, after all, incorporating them into the pool of parts from which to build my Plaguebearers.

In the end, I took a saw to the Plague Drone bodies, cutting them in half so that I could turn their thoraxes around. This turned their C-shaped bodies into more of an S shape. Suddenly, they were no longer flying, but slithering along the ground:

Next up, I picked up the Roll Maker and the Roll Maker XL from Green Stuff World and put them to work. They made it really easy to roll out 10 tentacles apiece for each of my 6 Beasts. I’d genuinely recommend this tool, as it really did make this step – the step I was most worried about – an absolute breeze!

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In terms of the results, here’s what I ended up with in a little over an hour of work:

Yeah, I was absolutely delighted with this. As the tentacles were setting, I used some more green stuff to attach the Beasts to their bases and repair the holes from where I cut them up.

What I’m really happy about with the beasts is that it only took me a couple days from first clipping the bodies from the sprue, all the way through the finished, fully-painted miniatures. For me, that’s really good going.

Anyway, here are the finished products:

Well, I do still have the base rims to do, I suppose, but I will probably do that shortly before I take them for varnishing. I find that when I do black base rims they always end up getting scuffed up between painting and varnishing, so I’m keeping that window short this time!

Al in all, I am delighted with these minis. I actually managed to do the whole army bar one model within 2 weeks, which is just great. That one model is, of course, the Glottkin, so it’s a pretty big chunk of the force… Oh well, I could target the three week mark? Fingers crossed!

Of course, I’ll not really be done at the end of this, having already committed to more…


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