The Best of 2021 Awards

We’re (just about) at the end of 2021 and it’s time to pick out some of the highlights of the year! This year, I’ve got a few categories to consider and am pretty happy with my picks.

Hobby Achievement of the Year

There’s no question on my own, personal hobby achievement of 2021. It’s my Maggotkin of Nurgle army, painted over 3 weeks. I keep linking to them, but that’s because I’m so proud of them! The miniature that really capped off the whole thing would be The Glottkin:

This model was a joy to paint, but he didn’t half take a while! The rest of the army was painted over 2 weeks and the third week was all him. Yeah… worth it, though! I can’t say he’s performed superbly well in the game thus far, but that may well change soon because the new book is out! Exciting! I’ve also shared my intention to expand the Maggotkin and also compliment them with a force of Nurgle-themed Slaves to Darkness.

Battletome of the Year

I love the new Maggotkin book and I think I wanted it to be my book of the year. I do really like it, but my book of the year just has to be the Orruk Warclans book. I’ve already used it with my Ironjawz and am looking forward to, as I said recently, expanding to some Kruleboyz and, eventually, maybe even some Bonesplitters.

I love that each of the three Orruk forces feels very different, but can be brought together effectively in the Big Waagh. I love the new Kruleboyz miniatures and think they have a lot of potential on the table. I love the speed of the Ironjawz, and have already put that to good use! And I love that the Bonesplitters aren’t the lost cause that I feared they were on my first reading of the book. Yes, they’ve lost some really cool stuff in this edition, but they can still be a force to be reckoned with and I do want to build and field an Icebone force to prove this!

RPG Product of the Year

I love Paranoia. It’s a great game which actually makes doing paperwork fun! One of my favourite aspects of the Paranoia setting is Alpha Complex’s Research and Development department. It is the source of so much fun, destruction, comedy, and general disaster. To have the new Paranoia boxed set themed around this particular aspect of the setting is an absolute joy.

As usual, the set is stuffed full of content. It’s a dense, wee box. There are three books in there, along with two packs of cards. Loads of fun, new content to add to your misadventures in Alpha Complex!

Most Popular Post of the Year

It’s pretty common for a couple of posts to make up the majority of my traffic. Whilst I wish that I got a few more readers for some of my other posts, I’m glad that people seem to find some of them useful. The most popular post published this year was Shards of the Space Gods: Alternative C’Tan Miniatures: Part 2.

Published back in April, this was the second of two posts in which I took a look at some alternative miniatures for the various C’Tan. These are powerful units from the Necron army in Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000. I took a look at some alternative miniatures and others that would form the basis of a cool conversion. I ended up buying two of the miniatures from this post, myself.

There’s a lot of competition for this. I’ve watched a lot of videos this year from the following channels:

The winner though, largely for their thoughtful and lengthy coverage of the new edition of Age of Sigmar, is AoS Coach. Here’s a sample video that gives a pretty typical impression of their content.

This type of content isn’t for everyone, but I really enjoy it. I think they speak well, they know their stuff and they are pretty reflective. I don’t necessarily agree with everything said, but I appreciate the I think my close second for this year would be Play On Tabletop because of their battle reports.

Batrep of the Year

Again, lots of great content this year. For me, Guerrilla Miniature Games is the standard to beat as Ash puts out consistently fantastic videos. I was surprised therefore, when looking back over my favourite battle report videos, that I was not giving him the crown this year. No, this year’s Batrep of the Year award will go to Play On Tabletop for their fantastic Ultramarines Vs Death Guard battle report, featuring each legion’s respective primarch.

I’ve actually watched this battle report a few times this year. I’ve also used it as an example, both to show the quality of this Youtube channel, and of Warhammer 40,000 more generally. I feel that the 40K in 40 Minutes series is really consistent in quality.

To reinforce this point, the honourable mention for this category also goes to Play on Tabletop and also goes to a 40K in 40 Minutes video:

I’m not the biggest fan of Miniwargaming, but I do like Dave from that channel. it’s cool to see him doing a crossover like this, and I really enjoyed the rapport that the two players had during this game. This, along with the fantastic armies and scenery, made for a really fantastic battle report video. I’ve rewatched this one a few times as well!

Miniature of the Year

So, for anyone who has spoken to me about the Kruleboyz, this category will contain no surprises. It’s Gobsprakk. It’s the sneaky Orruk shaman on this big ol’ birdy. This model is fantastic:

Gobsprakk really gets across the theme of the army. There’s a monster, a hunched over shaman, a cool, swampy base… yeah, this is great. I just love that bird. it’s a pity that the model just isn’t that great in-game, but hey ho. Cannae have everything!

Honourable mention has to go to Lord Kroak. Kragnos was also a consideration here. Kragnos looks great, and I really enjoyed painting him, but Kroak was the best model to come out of the Broken Realms series. He is at once old and familiar, and new and fresh. I really think that Games Workshop hit this one out of the park, tonally:

As far as I’m aware, there hadn’t been any new miniatures for the Seraphon (nee, Lizardmen) since the launch of Age of Sigmar, so I’m delighted that they got something new. I’m even more delighted that this new mini is such an iconic character, so wonderfully reimagined. This isn’t a reinvention of the character, but is a definite ‘glow-up’.


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