2021 Hobby Review

This is the first, and probably the most substantial of a wee series of posts capping off 2021. This was an interesting year, hobby-wise. It was a year in which I definitely bit off more than I could chew. It’s also a year which, in hindsight, was a lot more positive in my hobby life than I might have thought as I as actually experiencing it. Let’s take a look at how I did with painting, what projects are on the slate, and what my goals might look like in 2022.

Last Year’s Painting

I had set myself some pretty ambitious goals. This was based on my progress in 2020 with the Necrons. I was delighted with myself with what I’d managed to paint up and I hoped to replicate and build on that success. In hindsight, these goals were never likely to be met, given my usual pace of painting. Let’s break them down:

  • 4,000 points of Gloomspite Gits (AoS)
  • 3,000 points of Necrons (40K)
  • 1,500 points of Nurgle (AoS)

Of the three, I met one. I made good progress on another. I didn’t even touch the third. For clarity, I managed 2,000 points of Nurgle, which I’m delighted with. Really, these were done within a few weeks. I love that they’re all converted, too. I’m really grateful to friends for helping me gather bits. It was actually getting the bag of bits that pushed me to do this army, which I hadn’t actually planned on at the start of the year. I ended up exceeding my original goal with this army. I suppose that with the new book, I exceeded it by quite a lot.

The Gloomspite Gitz was a mixed bag. I intended to do around 2k each of Squigs and Troggoths. I managed 1255 points of Troggoths and 1020 of Squigs. I may not have reached my target of having essentially two armies done, but that’s still a 2,000 point army. Did I manage all I wanted? No, of course not, but I did paint a usable (if not optimal, but what is optimal in the current Gloomspite book?) army. That’s great. Two armies in a year is a huge accomplishment for me.

Finally, the Necrons just were not touched. I mean, I managed a lot last year but just struggled to get going this year. I got a lot built and I’ve started to apply some texture paint, but that’s pretty much as far as I’ve gone. This was a little disappointing. I want to finish this large army. I have more warriors to do, along with some walkers, C’Tan, vehicles, characters, Praetorians, and the Silent King.

All in all, between the Gloomspite and the Maggotkin of Nurgle, along with the big lad, Kragnos, I’ve managed 68 miniatures this year. This is less than the 83 I managed last year. Did you see that maths there? I worked that out all on my own. This is a little disappointing, but as I said earlier I am very happy to have done two usable armies. I also learned a lot about using greenstuff from my work on my Nurgle lads:

That was really satisfying and I love how the Beasts of Nurgle turned out. I’ve got some more tentacle work to do on a couple of other prospective projects.

Projects on the Slate

As I mentioned, I bit off more than I could chew this year. As such, I have a number of different forces – mostly for AoS – on the go, and a few other, scattered ideas. Certainly, I’ve added significantly to the old pile of shame! I’m not listing the “carried over” projects, such as the Gloomspite Gitz or the Necrons. We know about those already.

First up, I’ve been looking to expand the Maggotkin. I’d really like to add in a contingent of mortals. I’ve got some characters ready to paint, along with some Blight Kings. I’ve also got an unbuilt Great Unclean One. I’m actually pretty glad that I didn’t build him, as the bell is pretty much dead in the new book. Double blade for me! I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with this force as I expand it and, as I mentioned previously, I am very excited to get the new book to the table. Oh, and I need to finish my Gnarlmaws!

I enjoyed the conversions and kitbashing that came with the Maggotkin project, and I wanted to continue this. I’d already converted a Daemon Prince who ended up not making the list. I also had ideas for a Manticore, Soul Grinder, and others. All of these are Slaves to Darkness miniatures and so I planned a Nurgle-themed Slaves army. I’ve been making pretty steady progress on the conversions. It’s not been a huge priority, but it’s been a lot of fun. I’m a bit unsure about how this army is going to be painted, and I’m a bit anxious about all the Chaos Warriors and Knights, but we’ll see how it goes.

The Gargants began as a discovery of a handful of old giants (now Mancrushers) in a box, let on to a single pricey impulse purchase, and quickly spiraled out of control. I ended up with four Mancrushers, 3 Games Workshop Mega Gargants (2 built so far), 3 Mantic Giants (2 built and converted so far), and Kragnos. Kragnos is the only model that is completely painted up, but the Mancrushers are mostly done. I’ve had a lot of fun with them on the table, although my 1,000 point game the other night, in which I used two Kraken Eater Mega Gargants against Seraphon, did make me feel a little unclean…

The interesting thing here is that there aren’t that many miniatures in the army. My last 2,000 point list had 4 dudes in it. Now, each model is pretty large, and there’s a lot to do on them, but still. We’ll see. All in all, I have 6 Mega Gargants (between GW and Mantic ones) and 4 Mancrushers. I would like to add a further couple of Mancrushers at some point, but I also don’t really want to spend any more money on this army for a while. My original lists for this army also included Kragnos, which is the only model in the army that is fully painted.

I was very excited for the Kruleboyz when they came out with the Dominion box. I wasn’t super enthused by the Warscrolls that came with Dominion but, as is usually the case, it was all a lot better when the book came out and we had proper context. I’ve built out a list I quite liked the look of from a blog post on Plastic Craic. It looked fun, so I went with it. I’m also looking forward to using the Breaka Boss and Marshcrawla in my Gloomspite Troggoth list. I’m really looking forward to getting these guys to the table. Disappointingly, I’ve not got my favourite miniatures from the range (Gobsprakk), but I just don’t think his rules are that good. It’s a pity, and I might pick him up as a wee reward when I get the rest of the army done.

I’d also like to do some Bonesplitters. With my love of Destruction, I would really like to round out my Orruks. I’ve got my Kruleboyz to do, and I’ve bought an Ironjawz army from a friend, so it would be nice to finish it all off with a wee force of nekkid greenskins. It will likely be an Icebone (heheheheh) army, heavy on boars. I’d love to do this army, but I’ve no intention of picking anything up until I’ve cleared at least a couple of other projects.

Finally, another distant project. I have some Death Guard sitting from the launch of 8th edition 40K. I’d like to expand the force out, building a Terminus Est Assault Force led by m’boi, Typhus. I won’t be touching this until I’ve shifted all, or at least the majority of, the Necrons. I like the idea of a couple of units of Plague Marines, a handful of Terminators, and a buttload of Poxwalkers shambling their way across the battlefield. I don’t see this getting done in 2022, but it’s on the cards at some point.

Odds & Ends

The above are the full armies that I’ve (perhaps foolishly) either embarked upon or just set my mind upon. That said, sometimes there are smaller projects that you want to do. Sometimes there are smaller, skirmish-based games that you want to play. As long-time readers will be aware, I’ve got a real interest in getting into some of the cool, little games put out by Osprey:

Ideally, I’d like to do a couple of forces for each, enabling me to play an intro game with somebody else. Gaslands and Frostrgrave are the ones I am most likely to address first. I have a couple of Frostgrave warbands built and primed and I’ve been slowly amassing some cars and bits to use with Gaslands.

The Northstar miniatures for Dracula’s America and Stargrave are also pretty appealing, as are the zombies from Studio Miniatures, which I could use for Last Days. I can see a post or two coming up with some idea for miniatures for these games… One for the new year, I reckon!

2022 Hobby Goals

So, I think it’s fair to say that if I were to try to complete everything listed above, I’d likely find myself overwhelmed again. I can pick away at all sorts of things, but I’d like to set myself a few solid goals as well. With that in mind, let’s see what my priorities will be:

  • 2,000+ points of Sons of Behemat (AoS)
  • 2,000 points of Kruleboyz (AoS)
  • Finish up usable Troggoth and Squig forces (AoS)
  • At least 2 forces for any Osprey Games

I think these are ambitious goals for me, but I’m keen to see what I can get done. The Sons should be achievable and I’ll likely go for these early in the year. The Kruleboyz will be more of a challenge, and will likely be the bulk of what I need to do. Everything else will be just bits and pieces to pick away at over time. I can also pick away at other things, such as the various Nurgle forces and the Necrons, just whenever the mood takes me.


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