Progress on the Sons of Behemat and New Gallery

I’ve mentioned on a couple of occasions that I’d painted up Kragnos towards the end of last year. he was a quick job with Games Workshop’s contrast paints, but he came out pretty well, all in all:

I’m generally pretty happy with him, though I may have done a couple of light touchups since that photo was taken. He was initially planned to be part of my Sons of Behemat army, though following his update, I might well find him more useful in order Destruction-themed forces. We’ll see, I suppose.

Now, when it comes to the actual Gargants that make up the (considerable) bulk of a Sons of Behemat army, I finally started making progress on them this week. I’ve managed to finish the first of my Mega-Gargants:

I have a mix of GW and Mantic giants and decided to try painting one of the Mantic ones first. For the price (Affiliate Links: The Outpost | Element Games) these guys are massive and look great. They’re actually taller than the Games Workshop Mega-Gargants, though this may be due in part to their better posture. The PVC that Mantic use to make them is a bit of a pain to work with, though… There’s a bit of a shine to him, but the matte varnish will help with that once the cold subsides enough for me to spray.

With the first Mega done, I’ve got another two (one Warstomper and one Kraken Eater) to paint to fulfill the 2K list from my previous post. These will both be Games Workshop miniatures and I’ve already made decent progress on one of them.

In addition to the bigger lads, I also finished up four smaller ones; a quartet of Mancrusher Gargants. Really, 4 is not the most useful number to have, so I do see myself possibly adding another two to the gang at some point, but I’ve finished what I had:

Again, a little bit a sheen that the varnish will take care of. They’re a bit rough, but they’re nice as a group and will certainly look good on the table. I’m keen to get them there, but I don’t see much scope for larger games in my immediate future. The club seems to be mostly doing smaller ones for now.

What I never noticed until I had finished up was that I’d actually completed a 1,000 point army over this weekend. That was a fun realisation. Here are most of the complete miniatures, presented as the 1,000 point force:

This brings me 1870 points of completed miniatures. Really though, I’m not counting Kragnos. This is partly because I’m not sure if I’m going to really use him with this force, and also because I painted him in 2021. The latter reason is why I’m not counting him towards my hobby goal of finishing 2,000 points of Sons of Behemat.

I’ve also been tracking the army on my Pile of Potential, a fantastic tool for managing hobby workload and projects:

I’m hoping to finish up the remaining two Mega-Gargants over the next few weeks, and certainly by the end of January. The fact that the Maggotkin models that I ordered have been delayed means that the Gargants really are getting my entire, focused attention. This is something I’ve not been good at in the past.

These models, as well as any future additions to my Sons of Behemat (I’ve got a few up my sleeve) are also on this new gallery page for the army. The gallery doesn’t look great at the moment. I’ll sit down and take proper photos once I’ve finished the initial 2,000 point list.


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