Rollin’ With the Pins: First Impression of the GSW Textured Rolling Pins

I’ve spent a pleasant afternoon playing with some rolling pins. These are a few of the textured rollers from GreenStuffWorld. The rollers are plastic cylinders with a texture carved into them. When rolled over a modeling putty, such as greenstuff or Milliput, it applies the pattern to the surface of the putty. This can be used to create textured bases for miniatures. I’ve been picking these up over time, but have only now actually gotten around to trying them out.

The rollers are far from perfect. They can be a bit fiddly, and there’s a definite issue with their manufacturing. It looks like they have been carved with a CNC machine, giving a very rough finish in the recesses. This can lead to some visible lines on the finished product, which may detract from the effect that you’re looking for. You can see these rough lines on this close-up photo of the rollers:

That said, I’m still happy, overall, with the product. I started off with the Pavement roller. The intention was to base up a couple of miniatures for our club’s February painting contest. With the Fembruary (paint a female miniature) theme, I’m doing a wizard and apprentice duo for Frostrave. Here’s the initial rollout of the texture:

Note that you can see those lines that I described on some of the stones. I cut the pieces to size and stabbed the feet of the miniatures into the texture in order to create some anchor points to help stability. This worked really well and I soon had the miniatures on their bases:

The miniatures, by the way, are from North Star Military Figures, who loads of Frostrave-themed stuff. I need to let the bases sit for a bit longer to set before I’d be happy to prime them. I’m generally happy with the effect. though. Most of my Frostgrave minis are on Renedra cobblestone bases. I like these bases, but because they are very thin, there’s not much scope for pinning metal miniatures to them, nor any options larger than 25mm:

Mixing these with GW-style bases topped with greenstuff means that I will have different models with bases of different heights, but for Frostgrave I’m not too fussed about this. It’s fine.

I then went on to try out a handful of sci-fi-themed rollers. Namely, these were:

  • Double DIamond
  • Factory Ground
  • Mesh
  • Diamond Plate

I wanted a mix of different industrial textures, so I picked all of these up in order to mix and match. The results of my first wee batch of base toppers for a unit of Neophytes look pretty good!

Again, you can see some of the lines, but it isn’t too bad. I had a wee scrap of greenstuff left, so I broke out the rollers that I’d previously used to make the tentacles for my Beasts of Nurgle and, as you can see in the pictures above, rolled out some cabling to add to some of the bases.

I think I’m still a while away from actually building the miniatures for my GSC. I’d like to finish up something else before I start, you know? Next time I do some bases, I’m going to try it out using Milliput, which isn’t something I’ve ever used before.

The first miniatures finished with these bases will be the wizards, as the contest finishes up in early March. Need to get them done, then maybe toss on some leaf litter to add some character to the bases. Looking forward to it!


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