Completed Frostgrave Elementalist Wizard and Apprentice #Fembruary

Got a couple of miniatures done just in time to qualify as having finished something done for the Fembruary theme within February itself! This is also the theme for this month’s painting contest at the local club. I was initially going to do a Judge Dredd mini, but on opening up the box I was a little disappointed with the detail on it.

I knew that I had these ladies in a box somewhere, so I went and fished them out, using them initially to try out basing using the Green Stuff World rollers. Frostgrave is also one of the Osprey games for which I’ve previously stated that I would like to paint up some minis. Two birds, one stone, y’know?

I finally got around to actually starting to paint them last night. This was mostly a quick contrast job. The way the miniatures are sectioned out made this really easy, which is always a plus. The thing is, I’m really not used to working with metal any more. It’s funny, being mostly into Games Workshop miniatures and second edition Malifaux, I just don’t deal with that many metal miniatures any more and you forget that it can be a bit of a pain to work with. There’s therefore a bit of roughness on the model that does show up when painted.

This morning, I posted a little progress pic showing the ladies in a near-finished state, just needing a wee bit of cleaning up.

Something I particularly enjoyed trying out with these minis is the leaf litter from Green Stuff World. It’s really beautiful. Look at those colours! I promise they don’t sponsor me or give me anything to review; I’m just a fan. I mean, they should give me stuff to try. Other companies should as well l. I’d love to do more reviews.

The leaf litter! Yeah. Back on topic… The leaves are really nice and the colours are so pretty and vibrant. I used them quite sparingly (I actually feel I went a tad overboard) and I can see myself using this sort of basing for both the rest of my Frostgrave stuff and my planned Soulblight Gravelords. It softens the cobblestone look and gives a nice pop of colour.

Here are the final pics of the ladies:

It was a quick and dirty job, but I’d quite happily apply that approach to the rest of my Frostgrave stuff. I’ve got a box of Frostgrave soldiers all good to go for painting and am thinking that it might be an idea to paint them up in green. I’d be basing this on the Arundelle guard from Frozen. I’d not really come up with anything else and this seems as good a solution as any other. I’ll hold off on adding a Frostgrave gallery page until I have a bit more to share.

These are also my only finished models for February. I managed a 2,000 point army in January, but I completely lost my momentum this month. Ok, so they were Gargants, so that’s only a few models, but still… a 2K, usable army. I’m glad that I managed over the past few days to get these ladies done, as well as doing most of the work on half a dozen Rockgut Troggoths.


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