Rollers, Troggs, AI Art: This Week’s Hobby 27/02/22

It’s not been a hugely busy week, but I’ve done some stuff. Most of it was covered in my review of the Green Stuff World textured rollers, but some wasn’t. You can read the review for all of the detail, but I had a good time with the rollers. I started with Greenstuff and the Pavement roller before switching to a number of suitably industrial sci-fi-themed rollers:

I also had a go with some Milliput. I hadn’t used Milliput before and was wetting my rollers to stop it from sticking. This. Was. Bad. It ended up watering down the Milliput, making it really hard to work with and altogether rather gloopy. Nope, that was a bad idea.

I picked up some more materials to give it another go sometime soon. I do intend to use these rollers to make bases for both my Genestealer Cults and my planned Soulbight Gravelords army.

More Milliput, some Sculpey, plasticine and Vaseline. The Sculpey is one that I am really keen to try. The plasticine will go into a 50-50 mix with the milliput to give that little bit more elasticity when working with ut. The Vaseline will protect the rollers from sticking to the clays and putties so that I can stop adding so much water.

Finally from that same hobby session, I prepped a couple of miniatures for our club’s latest painting contest. This is a Wizard and Apprentice duo from North Star’s Frostgrave range:

These were supposed to be for Fembruary, but that never quite worked out. Thankfully the final products are actually due on the 5th of March, so I have some wiggle room. I’m looking forward to painting up these ladies. I primed them today, so will get them painted up during the week.

This weekend, I also finally settled down to paint up some of the Troggs. I did really well with painting in January, but I’ve done almost nothing in February. I’ve enjoyed getting back into these guys though so, hopefully, I can get some momentum going into March. I’m away for a couple of weekends in March though, so we’ll see…

Getting there. It’s mostly the cloth, eyes, straps, bone/teeth and finishing the bases to go. These are the remaining 6 from the 18 I intend to have in my Gloomspite army. Once they’re done I’ll be moving on to finishing off my Dankhold Troggboss and 9 Fellwater Troggoths. One they’re done, it’ll just be a wee Fungoid Shaman and then the Breaka Boss and Marshcrawla Sloggoth from the Kruleboyz range.

In working on the post about planning a new Soulblight army, I needed suitable art. There wasn’t much to use, so I decided to have a go at using, a site that uses AI to combine word prompts with an art style to create an image. Here are a few of the pieces created for that post:

The main use I see for this is to create ‘mood art’ to set a specific tone for a post or project. That’s certainly been my intention in using it, and I can see myself continuing to use it in the future. For fun, here are some more pictures. I can’t remember the filters used for all of them, but I’ve included the key words:

Well, I find it fun, anyway.

This week’s goals are to paint the Frostgrave Wizard and Apprentice duo and finish up the Rockguts. If I manage to make some progress on more Troggs, then that’s great.

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