Completed: Fungoid and Madcap Shamans

More progress on the Gitz! Today I’ve got a couple of Shamans to share. The first of these minis is actually my favourite model in the army. Its the Fungoid Cave Shaman:

What an awesome model. It was released as part of the Malign Portents event and was available to all of Destruction. He’s a it more limited now, being firmly in the Gloomspite Gitz book, but he’s still good.

With a 4+ ward, the ability to generate a command point, and his once per game bonus cast, he’s pretty great.

In addition, here’s a picture of a Madcap Shaman I finished a good while back but never got around to properly photographing:

Those in the know will recognise this as one of the old, metal Shamans from 6th edition Warhammer. I actually have quite a few old Goblin characters, both Shamans and Bosses, that I’d like to add to this force over time. I paintedca version of this guy when I was a kid and it’s safe to say this one is much better.

If I’d been smart, I’d have grabbed a picture of the old version. But I’m not. So I didn’t. The reason I can’t just go grab it is because I actually stripped it down for my goddaughter to paint. She wanted to do osmexpainting, so we both took copies of the same little metal Shaman to work on. Here’s her version, which is also her first miniature:

Not bad, likes! She’s made some cool choices here. She wanted the sword to be like crystal. It was a lot of fun to paint with her. Her family is moving slightly closer (only 2 hours away, rather than 6) so I’m excited to spend more time with her and her wee brother. Her parents too, I suppose!

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