Completed: Dankhold Troggboss (and new Hag pictures)

Well, that’s 2,000 points of Troggoths all done.  That feels good.  They were supposed to be last year’s army!  I’ll get to the Squigs at some point. 

Following on from the Sons of Behemat, this is the second army I’ve finished this year.  That feels pretty great. 

Anyway, here’s the lad himself, my Dankhold Troggboss:

I need a suitably punny name for him.  I like the name Stu West at Northern Invasion came up with forcgis Troggboss, Jacob Rees-Trogg.  It works.  Cannae beat that one…

In addition to photographing the newly-finish Troggboss, I also grabbed some newer, better pics of the Troggoth Hag: 

As I mentioned previously, the list isn’t really very optimal, so I’ll be looking to do some Kruleboyz allies for these guys in the near future. 

I’m chuffed to have got these guys done.  I’ll need to take them out to the garage for varnishing this week. 

And thats the last of the Troggoths. Kind of. I’ll update the Gloomspite gallery accordingly.


  1. Wow! That’s seriously inspirational, two whole armies! That’s an accomplishment to be proud of, well done. They look great too, thanks for sharing.


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