Completed: Feculent Gnarlmaw

The first of the new additions to my Maggotkin is a piece I really should have done with the first batch. Namely, the faction terrain piece; the Feculent Gnarlmaw. Because I’m a fancy lad, I decided to make my Gnarlmaw stand out a bit more, mounting him on the floating island from the Lumineth shrine. Yes, I found a good use for a Lumineth miniature!

Anyway, here’s the model itself:

Turned out alright, I reckon! Nice and bright, like the rest of the army. A bit goofy, like the rest of the army. My favourite picture of it is this one, below:

They’re just having a good time! I cut one of the Nurglings in half to have him emerging from the waterfall. Smilefall? Feculencefall? Either way, his butt got cut off.

I’ve updated the Maggotkin gallery accordingly!

If you’re interested, I did find a use for the rest of the Lumineth model. It’s now a climbing frame for my Soul Grinder conversion:

Unsure what’s next, but it will likely be something to do wth Nurgle.


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