Final Troggs, Floating Feculent Foliage, a Tentative Start to Soulblight: This Week’s Hobby (20/03/22)

I got three models finished this week. The first two were the two allied units for my Troggoth army; the Marshcrawla Sloggoth and Breaka-Boss on Mirebrute Troggoth from the Kruleboyz range. Let’s see the models:

The Breaka-Boss was more fun to paint. The Marshcrawla was a bit fiddly. Both bring a lot to the table and I’m excited to get them into a game. The Breaka-Boss not only puts out a decent amount of damage but is also a source of orders in an army (the Troggoths) that’s really starved for sources of orders. The Marshcrawla is a buff machine, giving every friendly unit in range +1 to hit. Again, with how starved the Troggoths are for orders, having a perpetual, free All-Out Attack order floating around the table is an absolute Gorksend! I’ve added these guys to my new Orruk Warclans gallery.

So, then, what’s next?

Well, probably Nurgle. Let’s try to get that army expansion done. The first item that I did was one that actually costs no points and which I should have done with the original batch of models. This is the faction terrain piece; the Feculent Gnarlmaw:

I may have gotten a little carried away. I do love the little Nurgles that frolic in the pool, though. They’re so playful! I added the pictures to the Maggotkin gallery.

The original plan was for three of them. At some point, I’ll do a ‘normal’ Gnarlmaw and maybe the third one, which was to be based on the tree from the Sylvaneth Endless Spells set. I’m in no rush for the others, though. I just don’t think I’ll use them in the new book, except maybe when I field Horticulous Slimux.

I also made a tentative start on my Soulblight Gravelords. I did a quick conversion for my unit of Blood Knights, putting together the Kastellan of the unit:

I think he’s turned out pretty well. The cloak makes the Castellan probably the most difficult of the unit to position, so the hardest one is done! You’ll notice that he’s not based yet. My intention is to base this army up in an urban style, much like I did with my recent Frostgrave wizards:

The cobblestones look nice and will carry my city theme. The autumn leaves add a splash of colour, a sense of setting, and stop the bases from being a bit too boring. With that in mind, I broke out the Milliput and attempted to do some base toppers using a Milliput/plasticine blend:

They turned out ok. I’m not good at ensuring a really consistent thickness to the base toppers, but that’s ok. I don’t mind them being a little rough in that regard. I ended up making about 70 of them for 25mm bases:

They’ll be a tad too big on the 25mm bases, but Milliput can be filed down pretty well. I’ve still to do bases for the cavalry. I’ll need 11 of those between the Blood Knight, Black Knights, and the Wight King. Then will come the monster bases. I’m not 100% sure yet what I’m doing with those. I need to find something a bit more interesting to put on the monster bases. I have an Azyrite Belltower to add some detail to Neferata’s base. I need to find something for the others.

In the week to come, I’d expect to maybe do some more conversions for the Soulblight and perhaps paint some Nurgle minis. We’ll see!

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