Completed: Changecaster and Pink Horrors

Last night, I shared some Brimstone Horrors and an old, metal Changeling that I completed. I explained that these were mostly-finished miniatures that had languished for a while, still needing completion. I actually have 40 Pink Horrors to do, but I’ve just done 20 for now, as I’m already feeling a little burnt out on Horrors and I’m in no real rush for these guys.

As I mentioned yesterday, my painting has come on since I did the bulk of these guys, so they do look a bit rough compared to some more recent stuff. That said, I feel good to finish them off, bringing them to a usable state.

I began with a Changecaster, the Herald of Tzeentch on foot:

Following him, we’ve got a unit of 10 Pink Horrors:

And then another unit of 10 Pink Horrors:

I’m not delighted with how they look. Were I painting them from scratch today, I’d do it quite differently. They’d feel a lot cleaner. That said, they still look decent, and I’m delighted to get them off the backlog. This brings my completed miniatures for this year up to… lots. I dunno. I’ll count them for this week’s hobby post.

I’ll leave you with the relevant video that I stuck up on my TikTok account:


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