Horrors and Group Pictures: This Week’s Hobby (10/04/22)

It’s been a reasonably productive week.  I’ve not been entirely well, but I’ve done a bit of work on finally finishing up some of my older Tzeentch stuff.  These have been sitting in various states of completion for a few years now.  As such, the painting style is perhaps not what I’d do with them today, and I think I could do lot better were I starting over.  Still, I’m happy to finish stuff up. 

The first complete mini, and the one I most feel I could do better with today, is The Changeling:

Alongside The Changeling, I also finished off a big batch of 40 Brimstone Horrors:

I love these wee guys.  So simple, so easy to paint, but so very characterful.  There are some of my favourites!  I have 40 because back in the day I would deploy them as very effective screens, both in AoS and in 40K. 

I then finished up another character model in the form of this Changecaster, a Herald of Tzeentch:

Following the Changecaster, I also did some Pink Horrors.  I actually had 80 Pink Horrors, but there’s just no point in actually using this many with the current points cost.  I resolved to eventually document, starting with this 20:

Forca wee TikTok video, I set up the following group shot of some of my Maggotkin

Again, not quite how I’d do them today, but really happy to get them finished.

Here’s the video that I made with them for the TikToks


#stitch with @magosbiologist extra parts mean extra potential! this isn’t the whole Nurgle army, but could only fit so much in! First attempt at a stitch! #maggotkinofnurgle #warhammer #ageofsigmar #warhammercommunity #minitok #nurgle #paintingwarhammer

♬ original sound – Tavendale

I also set out my Troggoths on a shelf.  This frees up some storage space, and it’s actually the first time they’ve all been together like this. 

That’s cool.  I love how colourful the army turned out to be.  Again, I made a video:

Gamewise, I got a wee, 650 point game of Warhammer 40,000.  It was an intro game for me as I’ve not really played much of this edition at all.  I used my Necrons:

I didn’t actually get any pictures of the game it didn’t go well for me, though! I started off well, and I put up a decent fight, but I was soundly beaten. Twas a learning experience, though. I don’t see myself enjoying 40K as much as AoS, but it’s still fun

Finally, I also made a start on my Soulblight Gravelords. Now, I decided to start with the Lord on ‘Zombie Dragon’. The Griffon kit was a lot of fun to work with:

I’ve gotten a little further with the Vampires, but I’ll be doing a post specifically about them this afternoon.

Catch you then!


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