Project Plan for Cities of Nagash: Unliving Cities

I’ve set myself a rule when it comes to Age of Sigmar armies. No more new armies unless it’s something pretty special. By this I mean that it needs to be either anything from Grand Alliance: Destruction or an interesting army full of conversions. A Vampire Coast army, say… Perhaps an army of Goblin sky pirates?

Having previously written at length about my intention to build a converted Soulblight Gravelords army this year, it’s time to buckle down and actually look at how this is going to work and what I need to paint.

Here’s my Pile of Potential listing for the army:

Ive added I’m more beyond the initial 2,000 points I had planned to build. This is largely to give myself options. Beyond the items on the list, I’d also consider adding in anything from Cursed City. Fits the theme, y’know?

The one unit I’m still not totally sold on are the Black Knights. Will I actually use them? That’s the question, I suppose. Everything in the army will be converted in some way, with the exception of the skeletons and zombies. They already pretty much fit the style I’m going for.

Because a lot of the conversions use bits from several different kits, it made sense (after a fashion…) to order most things together in one go. They arrived the other week:

It’s actually not that exciting when it’s all the generic GW/Citadel packaging, I suppose. I’ve not really started clipping and glueing yet, except forca quick test mini in the form of one of my Blood Knights:

Looking at the pile of boxes, it’s all pretty daunting, actually. There’s a lot of work to do before I can get started on painting. With that in mind, I think I’ll keep painting other things and work away on conversions in between. I’ll aim to be painting this in the summer. Handily, this ties in with the schedule of our club paining contests and our summer mash-up event!

I’m excited to get going with this one! Need to work out a colour scheme, though…


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