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On the Extent of Structure in Deckbuilding Games

I love deckbuilding games and own quite a few of them.  Like many fans of this type of card game, I started out with the iconic father of the genre, Donald X. Vaccarino's Dominion. Dominion was a huge success and the swathe of other deckbuilders that followed aped many of the core mechanisms.  'Many' is… Continue reading On the Extent of Structure in Deckbuilding Games

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Themes We’d Like to See: Dragon Ball Z

It's not my intention for all "Themes We'd Like to See" posts to be anime related, but it's true that the last one also asked for anime-themed games.  This time, it's the turn of perennial favourites, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Now, there have been a few Dragon Ball tabletop games throughout the years, but most are not… Continue reading Themes We’d Like to See: Dragon Ball Z

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Review: Sellswords

Sellswords was recently recommended to me in a comment on this blog (click here to visit the article).  The recommendation was based heavily on my love of Triple Triad, the card game from Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VIII.  I took the recommendation and picked up the game but, as it is very different to Triple Triad,… Continue reading Review: Sellswords

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The CCG Square-Enix Should Release

Collectable card games are great, aren't they?  Well, maybe not for me - I've never had the patience for buying random packs of cards and hoping that maybe there will be something useful in there - but loads of folk love them and even I enjoy the occasional game of Magic: The Gathering.  I can also… Continue reading The CCG Square-Enix Should Release

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Games That Need Expansion

Most board games seem to get expansions - at least most successful ones.  Expansions can run the gamut from adding a few cards or minis, to a new way to play, to new board, to all of the above.  An expansion can add variety and replayability to a game, fix areas of a game that were… Continue reading Games That Need Expansion

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Card Game Reskins Are the Shovelware Titles of the Tabletop Hobby

I’m sure that all halfway dedicated videogamers will be aware of the concept of shovelware.  This is generally low quality software, churned out for quantity rather than quality, with no real though having gone into it beyond a simple theme or property designed to appeal to a less informed audience.  Think of the sort of… Continue reading Card Game Reskins Are the Shovelware Titles of the Tabletop Hobby