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Hobby Update 26/08/18: Kings of Pandemic

We gave the Hobby update a skip last week, so it's a double feature today! Last Monday, we broke out a few games down in Lybster.  We started off with some Pandemic.  I was the only one who'd played the game before, but it actually went quite well.  We kept a good handle on the… Continue reading Hobby Update 26/08/18: Kings of Pandemic

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Top 50 Games of 2017 (30-21)

Welcome to this year’s top 50 games list in which I list my personal top 50 games at this point in time.  My choices are not limited to games from this calendar year, but instead represent my current thoughts on the top 50 games out there.  Next year, some of the games featured may move… Continue reading Top 50 Games of 2017 (30-21)

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Games That Need Expansion

Most board games seem to get expansions - at least most successful ones.  Expansions can run the gamut from adding a few cards or minis, to a new way to play, to new board, to all of the above.  An expansion can add variety and replayability to a game, fix areas of a game that were… Continue reading Games That Need Expansion

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Collecting Board Games: Gateway Games

Like any niche hobby, getting started in board gaming can be a daunting prospect.  There are so many differing opinions on what makes a good game, or what makes an appropriate game for someone new to the hobby.  I do speak from personal experience here, as it has only been in the last 4 years… Continue reading Collecting Board Games: Gateway Games

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Top 50 Games 2016 (20-11)

Oh hey, look, we're into the top 20!  Woo and yay, we're getting to the really great stuff, now!  Feel free to go and read parts 1, 2 and 3 first, if you have not already.  Once that's done, you can proceed and take a little look at numbers 20 through 11 of my top… Continue reading Top 50 Games 2016 (20-11)

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Droll and Move

I've bitched and moaned about the roll and move mechanism extensively in my previous posts and, although I generally consider it lazy design, it's not always as bad as I make it out to be. Randomness can be engaging. Randomness can be an important part of a good game. Randomness, in short, can work. Then… Continue reading Droll and Move