Progress on My Hobby Resolutions 2017

With more than half of 2017 now behind us, it’s worth taking a look at how those resolutions are coming along.  Although I’ve been less than active, I’ve still been doing hobby stuff with gusto.  Let’s take a look at the resolutions that I made, with my progress written underneath in red:


2017 Resolution Progress  

There were three goals set for this year.

  • Paint more!  Yeah, I know, but if I keep saying it, it might just happen.  Again, paint anything.  It could be some Malifaux or Infinity.  It could be a board game, for all I care, just so long as it is something.  C’mon, man…

I’d give myself a B+ for this, maybe even an A.  I’ve this week finished off a 1,000 point army for Age of Sigmar and have also done a Hordes starter set this year.  I’m hardly setting the world on fire, but it’s a huge improvement for me.  I’m not sure what is next.  It might be more Hordes, more Age of Sigmar, some of that Infinity I mentioned above or maybe even some 40K.  This is the highlight of my hobby accomplishments this year…

  • Blog consistently.  Blogging has actually helped me stay focused this year, assisting me in meeting some of my goals.  I’d like to do manage to do it a little more consistently in the coming year.  I don’t need to write a huge amount, just a post or two a week between here and my other blog, No Rerolls.  On that note, I’d like to get back to the idea of No Rerolls being a group blog and get some more writers on the go.  I’d like to drum up some more traffic for No Rerolls as well, as it’s just not getting read as much as I’d like.

Well, I’ve not posted on this blog in over 2 months and have had big gaps at No Rerolls as well.  Time is getting away from me, partly due to procrastination and partly due to actually being busy with other things.  It’s funny, but this blog, where I’ve been unhappy with the quality of posts, is still getting a decent amount of traffic but No Rerolls, where I do think that quality of posts is much higher, is struggling to get traction.  I think if I managed to get a few more voices involved, as I intended to above, then maybe I could work on changing that.  I’d give myself a C for this, as I’m still happy with the quality over at No Rerolls, even if not the frequency.

  • One thing I’d really like to do this year is to put together some print and play games.  These don’t have to be big games, but I’d like to put something together.  These could be games that someone else has designed, or it could be something of my own, like a reskin.  I’ve done this before with my Adventure Time edition of The Resistance, which I was happy with.  Let’s build on that!

I’m scoring an F on this one.  Lots of ideas, but little time or, to be honest, motivation.  I don’t see my even looking at this until I’m settled into the new house in September, so I’m doubting any of this will be done.  

Overall, not great on paper, but I’m having a good year in terms of getting games played, buying fewer new games and returning to painting.  How’s your year in hobbying?


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