Worlds of Warhammer: Black Library Bundle on Humble Bundle


There’s a really cool book bundle up just now on Humble Bundle, featuring lots of books from Games Workshop’s Black Library.  This includes titles about Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, the old Warhammer Fantasy, Necromunda and a book from the Horus Heresy series.  There are also a bunch of discount codes for various video games.

As usual, the bundle is broken down into tiers.  I’m going to show you each tier and just pick out a couple of highlights for each.  So, tier 1:


Lots of bang for your (single, solitary) buck on this tier!  Whilst Gav Thorpe’s Path of the Warrior looks interesting, what really stands out to me are the two Age of Sigmar offerings, as I’ve really not read any of the fiction for the new setting at all.  Gates of Azyr and Pantheon would be the first books I’d read from this tier.  The Gotrek and Felix book is also a safe bet.  I used to adore that series.  Voucher-wise, I’d definitely use the Battlefleet Gothic ones, but I already have Total War: Warhammer.  It’s just a pity it’s not for the sequel.

Tier 2 adds another 8 books and 3 vouchers to your catch:


Again, the AoS books are interesting, but I’d also be really keen to read the Salamanders book, as they’re a Space Marine chapter that really interests me.  Similarly, I love the Mechanicum, so Priests of Mars also appeals.  I’ve not widely read 40K books outside of the Horus Heresy series so it would be interesting to give some a go.  None of the vouchers really appeal me on this tier.  I don’t want Deathwing, the discount of very small on Inquisitor and I’ve heard mostly bad things about Dawn of War 3.

Onto the 8 books and 4 vouchers of tier 3:


This is a good tier for me.  I really want to read the Nagash book, and I’d be interested to read the Kal Jerico one, too.  The Roboute Guilleman one appeals to me as I’d like to read a bit more about him as he is now such a central character in 40K.  There’s also a Horus Heresy book in here that I haven’t read and I’m amused and curious about a book entitled ‘Bear Eater.  Not too fussed with the vouchers on this one.

The deal has about 12 more days to run at the time of writing and some of the proceeds will go to Charity: Water.  If there’s a different charity you’d like to support, the folks at Humble Bundle allow you to change where the money from your purchase goes.  This is great if you have a charity in their listings that you particularly support.

You can view and purchase the bundle by clicking here.


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