2 Deadlands Bundles from Bundle of Holding


About three years ago, Bundle of Holding did a bundle of classic Deadlands material.  Now, they’re trotting the franchise back out with two bundles dedicated to Deadlands Reloaded, Pinnacle’s reimplementation of the Deadlands setting using the Savage Worlds system.  I have the Savage Worlds core book and it seems interesting and flexible, but I’ve yet to play with it.  Deadlands seems like an appealing system to test it out on.

As usual, each bundle is split into two tiers.  I’ll be taking each bundle, and looking at each tier within in it.

Bundle 1: Deadlands Reloaded

This is the bundle that has all the stuff you’ll need to run your games of Deadlands using the Savage Worlds system.  The contents of the first tier (priced at $12.95) are as follows:

This bundle has everything you need as a player to get started with Deadlands Reloaded.  The Savage World book give you the core rules you need for the game, and the potential for a lot more besides.  I have a physical copy of this book and it seems really flexible and adaptable to different settings.  As such, you’re not only getting Deadlands in this bundle, but also a good, setting-neutral RPG system.  The player’s guide is a definite must, containing all of the setting-specific rules that players will need.  Ghost Towns seems like an interesting tool for generating settings.  The inclusion of a soundtrack is interesting.  I’d like to use more stuff like this to build atmosphere, so I’m loving the concept.

Tier 2 is priced on a threshold that is sitting at $22.44 at the time of writing.  This tier features a lot of content:

The Marshal’s handbook is the most important thing here, giving rules and guidance for the GM.  The rest of the books are collections of characters to be dropped into your games, setting guides, pre-made adventures and a cool artbook.  If you’re going to be running your group’s games of Deadlands, or if you want to be more immersed in the setting, you should pick up the second tier of this bundle.

Bundle 2: Deadlands Servitors

The page for this bundle spells out what the titular ‘Servitors’ are more concisely that I – with my limited knowledge of the setting – could manage:

The Weird West of the alternate 1880s is blighted by the Reckoners, four otherworldly entities: Famine, War, Pestilence, and Death. Their Servitors on Earth — the Reverend Ezekiah Grimme, Susquehanna shaman Raven, mad scientist Darius Hellstromme, and the undead assassin called Stone — are making the American frontier a Deadland. Your posse of player characters can face down and drive out these evil minions of apocalypse (they can try, anyway) in four immense “Plot Point Campaigns” that stretch across the Weird West

So, yeah, the stakes have been raised!  The first bundles gives you everything you need to play, whilst this one seems to set you up for an epic campaign.  Let’s take a look at the first tier, selling for $12.95:

The Flood and The Last Sons are both large, multi-adventure Plot Point Campaigns that will feel pretty epic for your group.  The Last Sons is a particularly large offering, weighing in at 337 pages and promising that the West will forever be changed.  This tier also includes another soundtrack.  Once you’re all set to play from the first bundle, this is the set that will give you a truly epic story to play through with your friends.

The second tier costs $26.46 at the time of writing and includes yet more Deadlands awesomeness:

Again, this tier is heavily campaign focused.  Stone and a Hard Place includes lots of new goodies and locales, alongside a campaign that has your players face off against Stone, the servitor of Death.  The most interesting aspect of the book are the new setting rules that are supposed to emulate Death’s grip over a land.  Good Intentions is a great setting book, introducing Salt Lake City as the City o’ Gloom.  It also heavily features Pestilence.  Again, it has loads of new rules and a big campaign to really get your teeth into.  Both books come with a set of bonus materials including maps, handouts, pre-generated characters, standups and NPCs.

As usual, you gets lots of cool stuff in each bundle, and a share of the proceeds will go to a charity.  For both of these bundles, a slice of the pie will go to National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

You clicky-click to head over to Bundle of Holding to purchase both the Deadlands Reloaded Bundle and the Deadlands Servitors Bundle.  At the time of writing, you’ve got a little over 11 days to do so before both offers expire.

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