Hobby Update 01/07/18: Onward to Strahd

A little late this week, but then I’ve not really done all that much, hobby-wise, apart from a bit of D&D.

The first of these sessions was my Lybster group.  We stormed a bandit outpost that we really had no business storming.  It didn’t help that several members of the group did not follow the plan.  My own character did not follow the plan, but that was an in-character decision not to let the other die.  They died.  It was a bloodbath.

Of the three characters left behind, only my character, Harrel, survived.  Later, a further character died when the group came back to rescue me.  Given that they had abandoned us, I didn’t feel bad about this death!  A great – if chaotic – evening.

On Friday, my Wick group cracked on with our exploration of Barovia.  I feel very hesitant with a lot of my actions in this campaign, largely because the GM has successfully created a really imposing atmosphere, but also because my character is quite different to any I’ve played before.

Again, a really great evening.  It’s a pity not everyone could make it, and I’m gonna miss it for the two weeks that I’m away.  Oh well, onward to Strahd!

The Lybster group will lack a GM next week, so I’m stepping in with a one-shot game of Paranoia.  In addition to my usual nonsense, I will also provide a deck of cards with random encounters and loot.  In trying to design these cards, I found this poster:


I’m not sure who made it, but I liked the design and decided to use it as the template for my cards.  Here are a few samples:

Can’t wait to give these a spin on Wednesday!  Will be soooooo much fun.  Well, it will be for me.

I’ve also rebooted everything on my PC following some hard drive issues.  Might start sharing what I’ve been doing in terms of vidya games, too.


  1. Oh man, so what was the deal with the Bandit outpost? Did the players suddenly decide to attack it and it wasn’t part of the DM’s plan for that session? Sounds like the players abandoned part of the group, but then went back to save them? What’s the average level of the characters in the group?

    Love those Paranoia cards! Nice work!


    1. We were meant to talk with them, I think. The plan was to prod them, burn part of the walls, then escape out. Some players kept fighting and did not retreat. My character ended up staying because he was not going to let those characters die. Of the four characters taken down, mine was the only survivor.

      We were all level 2.

      Will be south for next two weeks, so gutted I won’t be at next couple of sessions.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ouch, yea I can see how that would go south. Especially being at level 2. Hopefully the party learns from the lesson. 😉


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