Hobby Update 15/07/18: Zug Um Zug Um Zug Um Zug

I’m visiting family this week and have been out and about a fair bit.  That said, I’ve had the chance for a bit of hobby time!

First up was a lovely, 4-player game of Ticket to Ride.  Specifically, we played the German edition of Ticket to Ride: Germany, Zug Um Zug: Deutschland.  As with all of the games in this line, and all Days of Wonder games, the production values are fantastic and the game is beautiful.  I especially love the train card art.

I came second of the four players.  I just missed out on one of my tickets, but even if I had managed to finish up this route, I’d still have been a couple of points behind the winner.  This was our first time getting this game to the table, so it’s nice to strike a title off the list of shame.

This week also saw our first play of Dice Forge – this time with 2 players.  Again, the game is simply gorgeous, and I love how the game is packed and how the box becomes part of the board:

The dice-forging mechanism is pretty cool and game was fun.  I think I need to try it with more players.  The game is quick and fun and quite light.  The game ended in a tie, 60 points to 60 points.

I did a bit of shopping, too.  Among other things, I found a nice deal on a Star Wars: Destiny starter set.  13 quid from TK Maxx:


This is not a game I intend to go into heavily.  I’m not a CCG person, but I could see myself picking up a few starters and putting together some fixed decks to pull out and play from time to time.  I do like the game – just not the business model!

I also did some spray-painting.  Another batch of Tzeentch Daemons for my AoS force.  Of course, with the new edition, this lot suddenly costs a lot more points…


Hoping to crack on with painting them this week.  Might start with the Brimstones, as they are easy and fun to paint.

Last night, i got to dig out my favourite game of the past 2 years, Star Wars: Rebellion.  I played as my preferred faction, the Galactic Empire:

I did win, but it was a close thing, clinched by a bit of a gamble at the end of the game that really paid off.  I actually found the rebel base early in the game, but did so unexpectedly and I had not brought enough firepower to take the base.  Needless to say, the Rebels quickly moved the base and I flailed around for a bit, trying to find it.  I also got to blow up Naboo.  This was satisfying.

This week, I’m hoping to get some painting done, play some more Rebellion and learn to play Quadropolis.  See you next Sunday!


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