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On My Love of Triple Triad and the Sites On Which I Played

As mentioned recently, I'm closing my other blogs and consolidating everything here.  One of these blogs is about the card game, Triple Triad, from Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VIII.  So, before we really get into things, it makes sense to put out a post outlining my experience of playing this game online.  Of course, I've already… Continue reading On My Love of Triple Triad and the Sites On Which I Played

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Review: Sellswords

Sellswords was recently recommended to me in a comment on this blog (click here to visit the article).  The recommendation was based heavily on my love of Triple Triad, the card game from Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VIII.  I took the recommendation and picked up the game but, as it is very different to Triple Triad,… Continue reading Review: Sellswords

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The CCG Square-Enix Should Release

Collectable card games are great, aren't they?  Well, maybe not for me - I've never had the patience for buying random packs of cards and hoping that maybe there will be something useful in there - but loads of folk love them and even I enjoy the occasional game of Magic: The Gathering.  I can also… Continue reading The CCG Square-Enix Should Release