Humble Bundle: Game Design & Puzzlecraft Bundle

Most of the bundles we link to come from the fine folk at Bundle of Holding, which are almost always RPG-focused bundles.  Today, we have something a little bit different in the form of a bundle themed around game design.  Unlike previous game design bundles, this one focuses firmly on tabletop game design.

There are three tiers to this bundle, with the first tier costing less than £1.  It includes 6 books and a discount coupon:

humble gd 1

Of particular interest in this tier are the book, Board Games that Tell Stories and Girls on Games.  Games that Tell Stories seems to take from many different and diverse sources for an interesting, broad look at the topic.  Girls on Games focuses on one minority group and their experience in the hobby and surrounding community.  It seems like an interesting read, and one that should be considered when producing anything for the modern market.

The second tier will set you back just a tad over £6 and includes a further 5 books:

humble gd 2

Another edition of Board Games that Tell Stories is a big highlight, but I also really like the look of Hamlet’s Hit Points, as I’m a big fan of Robin Laws and am very interested in storytelling games.  I’m also keen to flip through the Puzzlecraft book.

The third and final tier of this bundle is still less than £12, but will grant you another 8 books:

humble gd 3.PNG

There’s a lot of content in this tier, but I also feel it’s the weakest of the tiers.  The WOmen in Tech book seems a little off-theme, as does Level Up.  I like the idea of the Game Theory in the Age of Chaos book, as the idea of looking at the current state of the world through the lens of game theory appeals to me.  The Bones: Us and Our Dice seems really cool, too.

The bundle also supports two charities, namely Girls Who Code and Girls Make Games.

To view the bundle, and possibly pick it up, you can click here to visit the Humble Bundle website.  I think there’s a lot of content in this bundle, all for a very reasonable price.

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