Build Stage of the Soulblight Finished

I finished building my Soulblight Gravelords! For those following the story of this army, I’ve been planning it for a wee while and I’ve shared some progress on the main character models for the army. Today I’m here to share everything!

For the uninformed, my intention was to kitbash an army together using bits of the Soulblight Gravelords range and the Cities of Sigmar range. I wanted an urban Vampire army.

First, here’s the army list I’ve settled on for now:

Allegiance: Soulblight Gravelords
– Lineage: Kastelai Dynasty
Neferata, Mortarch of Blood (365)
Mannfred von Carstein, Mortarch of Night (380)
Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (435)
 Artefact: Sword of the Red Seneschals
 Mount Trait: Foetid Miasma
Wight King on Skeletal Steed (130)
 Command Trait: Swift and Deadly
20 x Deadwalker Zombies (115)
20 x Grave Guard (280)
 Great Wight Blades
 Reinforced x 1
5 x Blood Knights (195)
10 x Deathrattle Skeletons (85)

Total: 1985 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 1 / 4
Wounds: 110

Now, in addition to what’s listed above, I’ve also built 10 more Skeletons and a second unit of 20 Grave Guard. I’ve also got the Cursed City stuff that I could put together, and 10 Dire Wolves. Oh, and the limited edition Vampire Lord.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though! Tonight, I finished up the builds and conversions for this initial list. Let’s start with the units that will be used as-is, without any conversions or kitbashes:

Deathrattle Skeletons

Deadwalker Zombies

Both of these units are new kits, and both are gorgeous. You’ll notice the base toppers. I’ve written about making these before, and I gave them a wee test run, too. I love those texture rollers! My only complain about these kits are how easily-snapped those Skeleton legs are. I had to repair a few of them along the way.

Next up, we have the rest of the infantry. The first unit that I did was a batch of 20 Graveguard. I then did another 20. With the parts used, the first 20 were the better models, but all are passable.

Grave Guard

Honestly, my favourite bit of the whole process was making those skulls with the jaunty hats. Those turned out pretty great.

Next up, we have the remaining unit in the form of some cavalry. We’ve got the beautiful Blood Knights, which have been converted to sit on Demigryphs.

Blood Knights

Both of these kits were absolute joys to work with and didn’t take too much effort to combine. There was a fair bit of sawing, scraping, and filing, but no green stuff was required.

Now, let’s look at some characters, beginning with the Wight King, since he was done pretty similarly to the Blood Knights

Wight King on “Skeletal Steed”

This chap took a bit more work than I expected. I really had to go to town on his crotch with my knife. I also chose poorly in terms of his mount, picking the Demigryph with stuff on his back that really got in the way of that cloak. Had to carve that away as well.

The remaining characters are all big guys. One of them, Mannfred Von Carstein, didn’t really need much work.

Mannfred Von Carstein

I only made one change to the mini itself, cutting off Mannfred’s hand and sticking in Ghal Maraz instead. Is it a bit blasphemous to give Mannfred the Warhammer of Sigmar? Probably. I’m okay with that.

Vampire Lord on “Zombie Dragon”

This was a pretty straightforward conversion, just down a bit of chopping up of the normal Griffon rider and the Vampire Lord from the Zombie Dragon kit. It was a lot of fun to make and I’m looking forward to painting him. I think. Maybe. I’m still not sure about colour schemes, to be honest.

Queen Neferata

finally we have the biggest conversion. I mean this both in terms of the amount of work that went into it and, of course, of physical size. It’s a tall model that might cause me some problems later in terms of transportation. Hey ho, I’ll make it work.

Next Steps

So, next up is a fair bit of priming before I can get going with the painting. I reckon I’ll be putting these aside for a bit and making them my Summer painting contest when I have a good run of free time to really power through them. I want to really immerse myself, and this seems the best way to do that. Until then, I’m happy to pick away at other stuff.


    1. They’re just model railway ones. Lots of cheap ones on eBay. They’re actually wired up and could be lit, but I didn’t want to go through soldiering in resistors, hiding the battery, etc.


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