Triple Triad Cards: My Final Fantasy Tactics Deck

A while back, there was a Triple Triad site called TripleTriadX.  They were the second of the browser-based (rather than client-based) Triple Triad sites, and they represented my peak interest in Triple Triad.  I was very much into this game.

They were the first of the browser-based sites to add cards that were not from the original deck from Final Fantasy VIII.  One such deck was based on Final Fantasy Tactics.

Below is in my remastered edition of this deck.  For this deck, I stuck precisely to the original deck when putting this together.  There are a few cards that I reckon could be rejigged or swapped between levels, but I’ve worked faithfully from the old list

One of the main reasons that I can’t move things around is that I haven’t actually played FFT.  It was not initially released in the UK and by the time it was available I just did not care any more.  I’d kind of moved past Final Fantasy.  I’ve been back into the series recently so I might give this a go on Steam.  The art available for this game is also quite limited, so the cards are a bit rough looking, but I’m happy that I’ve put them together as well as I can.












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