Bundle of Holding: Infinity RPG

Ah Modiphius, my beloved.  Modiphius is a company that consistently makes really beautiful books.  This set of beautiful books is Infinity, based on the miniature wargame of the same name from Corvus Belli.  The game uses Modiphius’ 2D20 system, which is also used for John Carter and Star Trek Adventures, among other games.

This bundle will get you lots of Infinity material so you that can enthusiastically adventure in the Human Sphere.  The first tier of this bundle will cost you £9.95 and get you the following:

Obviously, the core book is the most important item in this tier and is pretty much compulsory to engage with this game system.  I had a flip through a friend’s copy a few months back and the book really appealed to me.  It also provided a good jumping on point for the setting, as I’d never really gotten heavily into the background whilst playing the miniature game.  The rules seemed relatively straightforward and not too fiddly, but I never really had an in-depth read of them.  I instead focused on the 150 or so pages of background on the Human Sphere.

The tier also includes a GM screen.  Regular readers should know by not that I don’t much care for these as part of a bundle, but at least this one comes with a couple of short adventures and some information on the recreations of historical characters that ALEPH is known for creating.

There are a further ten short missions in the Adventures in the Human Sphere book.  It promises to include relevant plot hooks for all factions and some of the adventures sound pretty damn fun – especially those involving political elements!

The second tier of the bundle contains some sourcebooks.  There are three items in the tier and it is priced on a threshold.  Usually, I’d say what that threshold was sitting at when I was writing the post, but that’s not possible today because it’s not working properly on the website.  Look:

broken threshold

It’s not just this bundle it seems to be broken for.  All of their bundles are showing up like this.  Hopefully, this issue will be sorted by the time you check it out.  Regardless, this tier contains the following items:

The GM’s Guide provides a lot of content for those wanting to run their own games in the Human Sphere.  Rules for faction leaders, help for creating locations, advice for running space combat and more.  It will also have lots of advice for the would-be GM to take on board.

The Ariadna and Haqqislam books are faction-specific sourcebooks.  In a recent 5 on Friday post, I highlighted a review of these books from The Tabletop Almanac.  For detail, you should read that review.  The author of the review looks at both the Ariadna and Haqqislam books in one go. The author’s comments on the use of sidebars in these book is interesting.  The inclusion in the books of a typical day within each faction is really useful when fleshing out a game world that previously only existed to facilitate battles in the tabletop wargame. The author also lays out the features of each book and some background for each faction. The books sound pretty damn good, all in all.

Finally, the Quantronic Heat book provides a mini-campaign consisting on three interlinked scenarios.  The summary makes it sound like a cool sci-fi, pulpy, noir adventure.  This sounds pretty awesome to me, with an action-packed pursuit at the end to really just punctuate the whole adventure.

This bundle looks great!  The only thing potentially putting me off is the prospect that I might actually go and get the physical books… but then it might be worth getting these first to ensure that I definitely want to sink money into the dead tree editions.  Either way, I’m getting these books!

If you’re interested in picking up the bundle, and supporting Vision Rescue in the process, you can click here to visit the bundle page.

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