New Year, New Army 2021: Gloomspite Gitz

I started writing this a couple of weeks ago when the whole New Year, New Army thing would have been more… timely. What can I say? I’m easily distracted…

In addition to the expansion to my Necron army, the other project I am totally geared up for this year is an army of Gloomspite Gitz. I’ve long been a fan of the Greenskins, with Orcs actually being my first Warhammer Army, starting with the 6th edition starter set. I also added a ton of Goblins a little later when the Skull Pass set came out for 7th edition. That was a great set…

I mean, Orcs are great, but the Gobbos have always just had more personality to them. When the Gloomspite book came out a while back, I picked it up immediately and did pretty much nothing with it. Now is the time, though!

I’m looking to build a sizeable army of Gitz, largely because I love not only the army as a whole, but also each of the little sub-factions within. My initial struggle was in deciding whether to focus on Troggoths or Squigs first. Then the Christmas 2020 battleforce was revealed…

Squigs? Trolls? Together? I’ll take two, please!

Yeah, I picked up a couple of these boxes and, with how new the kits are, they were an absolute joy to put together! I decided that a 2,000 point army each of Squigs and Trolls would be fun and achievable. I would love to expand further in the future, but this more enough for a starting point!

As an aside, see the yellow on those bases? That’s Vallejo’s Desert Sand texture paste. It is fantastic. Like, really, really cool. It’s also really affordable, coming in nice, big 200ml tubs.

Having built the miniatures, I’m now working my way through painting them. I’m not making super fast progress, but I’m getting there. My intention is really to use Contrast Paints as much as possible, and I’m happy with my progress so far. Here are some pictures of my first in-progress miniatures, which are the Squig Hoppers and Boingrot Bounders:

I’ve made more progress since taking those pictures, with all goblin skin finished and most Robes also done. What I am unsure about is the approach I will take with the bases. I feel that they need to match the feel of all aspects of the army, including the Squigs, Trolls and, potentially in the future, some Spiders. I’m thinking grey for caves? I think that with the miniatures being so bright coloured, the grey would also be a nice contrast. We’ll see.

I also picked up my first Forgeworld miniature since, like, 2005 I think? This is the mighty Troggoth Hag, a lovely, huge miniature which will act as a centrepiece for the Troll army, in the same way as the Mangler Squigs will for the Squig army.

The other miniatures were included for scale, following some discussion in our club Discord. She actually went together more easily than I would have expected. She’s more stable than I’d thought as well, with that staff really helping to secure her on the base, despite the heavy forward lean.

Now, let’s take a look at the planned lists:

Troll List: The Dankest Hold


  • Dankhold Troggboss (General)
  • Troggoth Hag
  • Fungoid Cave Shaman


  • Rockgut Troggoths x 3
  • Rockgut Troggoths x 3
  • Rockgut Troggoths x 6


  • Aleguzzler Gargant
  • Aleguzzler Gargant


  • Dankhold Troggoth


  • Troggherd

Points total: 1,960

Squig List: Squigapalooza


  • Loonboss on Mangler Squigs (General)
  • Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig


  • Squig Hoppers x 5
  • Squig Hoppers x 5
  • Squig Herds (20 Squigs, 4 Handlers)
  • Squig Herds (20 Squigs, 4 Handlers)


  • Mangler Squigs


  • Boingrot Bounders x 10
  • Boingrot Bounders x 10


  • Squigalanche
    • Squig Rider Stampede

Points total: 2,000

The Future

For now, I’m cracking on with the 30 assorted Hoppers and Bounders, 2 Loonbosses on Giant Squigs, 12 Rockgut Troggoths, the Dankhold Troggoth and the Dankhold Troggboss that I have primed.

Next on the slate are a couple of Gargants. One needs built whilst the other needs repaired and rebased before being primed. I’ve also built four boxes of Squig Herds, the Troggoth Hag, the Fungoid Cave Shaman and a set of Mangler Squigs. I’ve still to build my Loonboss on Mangler Squigs. Once I’m nearer getting my current batch painted, I’ll get these guys primed.

Once these miniatures are done, I will have completed the two 2,000 point lists, but I’d like to look forward to further expanding the army. First and foremost, this means Spiders!

My favourite miniature from my old Orc and Goblin army was my tiny, little metal Forest Goblin Shaman. He was so cool, and I’ve always loved his aesthetic. Why then would I not look to add some Forest Goblins to my army? Going with the theme of adding blocks as thematic, self-contained forces, I love the idea of adding lots of Spider Riders and big, nasty Arachnarok Spiders. 2,000 points again? Yeah, why not? I’ll have to wait though, until I’ve finished the two lists above.

The final section of the army, I suppose, would be the ‘normal’ goblins; a horde of black-robed, fungus-fueled gitz, supported by deranged shamans and crazed Fanatics.

I actually have a ton of Goblins sitting in a box… somewhere. The thing is, what I don’t have are Netters. Do I just buy new stuff? Maybe. Perhaps I could make my own netters? Perhaps I could use something like midge mesh for this? It looks a good size:

Might be a pain to cut and shape… We’ll see. It will be a while before I’m onto this anyway. In addition to the hordes of goblins, I’d also look to add lots of Shamans to make a magic-heavy force. I actually already have these. Heck, I’ve got 4 metal ones sitting on a shelf behind me still in packaging, plus at least another few scattered among some boxes of older minis. I’d also like to add the Gobbapalooza (currently out of stock everywhere) and, to lead the lot, Skragrott the Loonking. I’ve actually picked the Loonking up already, and I intend to grab the Gobbapalooza as soon as I can. Heck, really, there won’t be much I’d need to pick up for this part of the army, except some sort of solution for my lack of nets, some round bases, some fanatics and maybe some Sneaky Snufflers. That’s pretty cool.

So, with that all laid out, I hope to share some progress with you soon!


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