Starting Phase 3 of My Necron Army

Having completed phase 1 and phase 2 of my Necron army, I am keen to now get started on the third phase.  This phase will consist of 54 miniatures.  Here’s a full list of these miniatures:

  • 20 Necron Warriors
  • 15 Canoptek Scarab Swarms
  • 10 Triarch Praetorians
  • 2 Ghost Arks
  • 3 Canoptek Doomstalkers
  • 1 Technomancer
  • 1 Triarch Stalker
  • Classic Necron overlord
  • 3D printed Trazyn the Infinite on throne

I’m expecting this to be my second last group of Warriors.  I’d like 40 Flayer Warriors and 40 Reapers.  Currently, I have 40 Flayers build and painted, and slightly regret building them all based on the Reaper profile in the Indomitus box.  It wasn’t great, and we saw vast improvements in the codex profile for the gun.  Now they are really good, and I want some!  

I’m also using this phase to max out the Scarab Swarms.  With the Rule of 3, I now have, with this batch, the absolute maximum that I can take.  I love the swarms.  I think I like the idea of them more than I actually like them in-game, but I also quite like painting them, so I’m looking forward to this.

I went with Praetorians rather than Lychguard because of the interactions they have with The Silent King.  I intend to add ol’ Szarekh later, but that won’t be an immediate addition.  I also like their speed, but I really hated putting the models together.  I found the arms to be something of a pain in the arse.

The Doomstalkers are lovely, new models and in the couple of games I’ve played online using Tabletop Simulator, they have served me well.  Of course, because I actually want them to hit things I’ve also put in a Technomancer babysitter, giving them more chance of actually doing so.  They were also very easy and fun to build… unlike the Ghost Arks.  They were a right pain.  Also, it seemed so futile to build 20 Warriors for the Ark, that I then couldn’t field!  Yeah, they’re going to be annoying to paint…  

The pair of characters at the end of that list are quite interesting.  One is the classic, metal Necron Lord from 1997.  I intend to declare him to be the infamous Assholetep the Insufferable, Overlord of the Dikh-Ehd Dynasty.  Because meme minis are best minis.  The Trazyn mini is not the official one, but rather a 3D print of him on his throne.  I do intend to pick up some named character at some point, but I’ve just spend way too much money on Gloomspite Gitz, so it won’t be right away…

Here are pictures of the miniatures, now that they are build and he bases have had their first later of texture added:  

In terms of what is left for the army, here are the miniatures that I have that have not yet been put together. These will form the basis of Phase 4:

  • 3 Canoptek Wraiths
  • Shard of the Nightbringer
  • Shard of the Deceiver
  • The Silent King

I’d like to add some named characters, another 20 warriors, and a Tomb Spyder to this list before I start it, but it will be a while before I get to them as I am working not only on the Phase 3 miniatures, but also some Gloomspite Gitz (more on this in a future post).

So, I’ll be posting as I make progress on this lot! Given the number of minis, and the fact that I tend to work in batches, doing one phase at a time across many different minis, it might be a while until we start to see any finished miniatures.

I like that the end of this army is in sight. There’s this batch, and then a mostly character and C’tan-focused batch to follow and then… I’m done. Well, what army is ever truly finished? I don’t rule out adding a Monolith at some point, maybe a couple of flyers, but these would be little, individual additions rather than big blocks of new minis.

I’m proud of the army thus far and am excited to add some really cool units to it this time.


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