5 on Friday 27/08/21

It’s Friday, and here on No Rerolls that means it’s time for an all-new 5 on Friday. We’re going to start with 5 exciting releases for this week before moving on to our usual digest of some of our favourite articles from the past week. Of course, we’re slow readers, so don’t be surprised if there are some articles that are a little older – these are just some of the great articles we happen to have actually read in the past week.

Releases & Previews

Every week there are many games and miniatures released. This will probably be a mix of previews, preorders and releases, and with release dates being the way they are in this industry, it’s always pretty approximate. Excuses out of the way, here are 5 of the releases that caught our attention this week:

Games Workshop launches Warhammer Plus – I’d say that Warhammer Plus has been greeted with anger by some angry people, but that describes everything Games Workshop does these days. If they were to hand every customer a grand, the usual crowd of sad cases would be online demanding that it should instead be two. Ho hum. Sorry, I just get so tired of all the needless negativity in our community. Warhammer Plus has the potential to be really cool, and I’d like to see how it develops.

It promises to provide a significant and growing library of content. There’s animation, apps, magazines and books and other video content. I’ve had a poke through the initial content. I’m not too interested in the animations, but it would have potentially been nice to see it launch with a little more content in that section. The Vault is pretty cool, and a big draw for me. There are a fair few White Dwarfs. and some books. I’m going to have a read through The Gathering Storm, as I never really followed it at the time. There’s also a free mini involved, with users getting to pick from a 40K or AoS mini. Naturally, I picked the AoS one, a Megaboss. I’m looking forward to seeing how this grows over time.

Mongoose releases new Traveller 2300AD PDF on DriveThruRPG – Mongoose continue to churn out more and more great content for their latest and current edition of Traveller. This time, it’s a new version of the classic 2300AD setting:

A three book set, this seems to contain a lot of content. With a book each for characters/equipment, vehicles/spacecraft and, of course, the setting itself, everything seems broken up in a sensible way. I intend to grab this, but I think I’m going to wait for the physical edition to drop.

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Wyrd previews and takes preorders for Vagrantsong – Wyrd makes good stuff. I love Malifaux and the miniatures from that range. I actually just think that Wyrd is a company with a great aesthetic eye and, sure enough, I really like the style that they’ve settled on for this game. They’ve also put together a fun, little trailer:

A cooperative game with customisable characters and what seems like a really substantial campaign? With the right group, that could be cool. I’ve been burned before when a group for a legacy game fell apart, but if you had a group you could really count, well, this could be really great.

Monster Manual Expanded III now available on DM’s Guild –  Regular visitors will know that I’m always on the lookout for a good bestiary. They are among my favourite supplements. The popular Monster Manual Expanded series on the DM’s Guild now runs to a third volume:

320 statblocks? That’s a lot of content, and the preview pages show some really, really nice artwork. I’m keen to take a good look through this book, so I might pick it up with a view to possibly looking at the print on demand version when it comes out. We’ll see…

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The Lost World Arc 3D terrain up on Kickstarter – God, there are so many companies, groups, and individuals putting out the most amazing 3D models. Talented folk can put together their designs and bring them to an online market with relative ease. That’s pretty cool to me.

This is a great set of terrain with a cool fantasy, grimdark, gothic, threatening feel to it. There are some beautiful pieces that will look great once printed out. i do with these campaigns would make a bit more of an effort to print and paint all, or at least more of their pieces. Even with this issue, this is still a strong campaign!

Blog Posts & Articles

The meat of 5 on Friday, the articles are listed in no particular order, so let’s get into some recommendations:

mordheim mmxxi – completed warband @ Wroughtwithrust  Gotsta love Mordheim. Gotsta! Not a huge amount to say here other than that this post not only tickles me in the nostalgia-zone, but it is also full of gorgeously-painted minis. There’s a lot to love here, but the highlight for me is that classic Necromancer miniature. He was always one of my favourites.

Gathering the Herd pt. 1 @ A Tale of One Warlord Oh, it’s cool to see the beginnings of an army coming together. I’ve long had a soft spot for the Beastmen, but I’ve never actually picked up many miniatures. Maybe something to look at for future additions to my Nurgle lads? The author of this post has made a good start with the Bray Shaman. I’m looking forward to seeing the army progress and expand.

Table Top Miniature Gaming- Exploring new worlds @ Here be Dragons This is a good rundown of a lot of the cool miniatures games out there. Some are cooler than others, of course. Hordes and Warmachine are husks of their former selves, but there’s great stuff like Malifaux, Stargrave, Gaslands and Dracula’s America here. Lots of options for the curious wargamer to expand into.

Path to Glory: Disciples of Tzeentch vs Stormcast Eternals @ To the Table – Pal, if you think those horrors are a lot, try painting 50. That was… something… As for this post, yeah, it’s just nice to read about someone who, like me, is just enjoying this new edition of Age of Sigmar!

Sons of Behemat Battletome Update Part One: The Rules@ Plastic Craic An interesting rundown of the new Sons of Behemat rules. As this is an army I’m looking to do, it makes for an interesting and useful read. I’d definitely agree that the Battalions are significantly more useful than the new Battle Tactics, and I’m really excited about getting this army on the table and trying them out!

* * *

This week on No Rerolls, I shared the Maggotkin army that I finished up (blog post | gallery page), along with gallery pages for my Necrons (blog post | gallery page) and Gloomspite Gitz (blog post | gallery page). I also did a quick post about GW’s support for different AoS armies, and how they can be categorised.

Catch ya’ll next week!

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