Hobby Update August 2021: Playin’ in the Garden

Okay, so August was a good month for me, hobbywise.

I started the month with the intention of plodding on with the Gloomspite Gitz, but that didn’t quite go to plan. As I mentioned on the 9th, our club had, a week previously, started a “Clash of the Gods” painting event.

Well, given that I had built and them shelved many of the miniatures for my Garden of Nurgle army, it seemed a good time to see if I could get some of them done for the contest. We had 2 months, after all, to put everything together. I could do this!

I did it. Within three weeks I had finished up the 2,000 point army. Well, 1,965, but whatever. Also, really, I finished the bulk of the army in 2 weeks and it was just The Glottkin that took that final week. Here’s a reminder of the list, along with an image of each unit:

Horticulous Slimux (225)

Poxbringer Herald of Nurgle (135)

Sloppity Bilepiper Herald of Nurgle (130)

The Glottkin (395)

10 x Plaguebearers (110)

10 x Plaguebearers (110)

10 x Plaguebearers (110)

1 x Beasts of Nurgle (125)

1 x Beasts of Nurgle (125)

1 x Beasts of Nurgle (125)

1 x Beasts of Nurgle (125)

1 x Beasts of Nurgle (125)

1 x Beasts of Nurgle (125)

Total: 1965 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 0 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 114
Drops: 13

I’ve uploaded a gallery for the army which includes more pictures of each unit.

Is it any any way a good list? No. It’s what I wanted though, as it follows the theme I was going for and lets me use the models that I wanted to convert. Every miniature in the army has some sort of conversion, except for Horticulous Slimux who didn’t really need anything as he already very much embodies the theme.

In terms of my favourite minis… well, I like a lot of them. Some of the Plaguebearers are really cool, whilst others are a bit samey. I was really satisfied with finishing The Glottkin and Horticulous Slimux.

I also got a good few games in, using both my Nurgle and my Gloomspite Gitz. I’m really liking the new edition of Age of Sigmar, and I also managed to get in a game of Warcry, which was fun:

I am very much enjoying these games, but I will say that it would be nice to win one of these games… Meh, as I said, the list isn’t great and my other army is Gitz, which are kind of rock bottom in terms of performance these days. They’re pretty though, aren’t they?

Technically, I’m not quite finished with the Maggotkin army. I’ve painted everything with a points value, but I’ve not done my terrain pieces. The best of these is the floating island Gnarlmaw:

It’s looking great, but I’m not going onto it right away. I’ll get around to it. There’s also nothing to summon, which is a worry…

Now, with 40 completed miniatures this month, let me share a meme that will resonate with just about anyone who cares enough to read this post:

Oh, Elmo, you incorrigible coke-fiend, you…

Yeah… as discussed previously, I’m starting to gather minis for a second block of Nurgle stuff. This time, it’s a Slaves to Darkness force. I was initially going to use a Harbinger of Decay as a Chaos Lord of Daemonic Mount. I changed my mind on that and grabbed a Chaos Lord on Karkadrak instead. I’ve put together the Karkadrak, but I gave it a Plague Drone head to help it fit into my existing forces a little better:

I’ll find a home for the Harbinger in a wee force of mortal Maggotkin at some point. The Karkadrak is now some weird Aardvark of Death. There’s also a big hole in his neck that I’ll need to fill. I’ve not also built the Chaos Lord that sits upon his back, using a nice little torso/head bit from the Avatars of War warriors set:

The only bit missing in that pic is the large axe that I’ve slung across his back. In addition, I’ve also taken a rattlecan to this miniature, along with 30 Warriors, a few characters, some Blightkings and, in a non-Nurgley effort, some Fellwater Troggoths:

This was taken before priming, obviously. The thing is, with all this done, I was actually feeling a bit overwhelmed, and unsure as to what to do first… We’ll see how that turns out.

I’ve also been quietly building some other minis. Well… “miniatures” is a term that might be misleading in this case. I’m building my Sons of Behemat:

I need to stop writing posts in which I end up persuading myself to start a new army

So far, I have a couple of Mega-Gargants built, along with the four Mancrusher Gargants that I seem to have acquired over the years. Also, Kragnos. I’ve got a third Mega-Gargant coming at some point, and I have a couple of Mantic Giants that I have converted with some leftover bits from the amazing Mega-Gargant kits. I was holding out on priming them until some basing materials arrived, but it looks like they’re going to take a wee while because of some other items in the order. I just decided to get started and leave the basing for now. The first model that made its way under my brush? Kraggy!

I expect that he will end up being done mostly in contrasts. I’m loving how much I am able to get through with these paints. I’m not someone who is an especially good painter, so they really help me in getting a passable, table-ready army. Its sounds like I’m trying to sell them on commission, here. I’m not, but if I could, I would. Hell, go click the affiliate links on the right and buy all the damned contrast paints. Great value!

Age of Sigmar is my ongoing obsession, but I am looking beyond it a little. I built a couple of third party models that I am using a C’tan shards:

I discussed them previously in a couple of posts on alternative C’tan which have become the most popular articles on this blog (Part 1 | Part 2). I’ve got some gaps to fill before I take a rattlecan to them. There’s also a whole pile of primed Necrons sitting behind me that I should probably get back to at some point – especially the Reaper Warriors and Canoptek Doomstalkers.

Finally, I ordered some cool Hotwheels diecast cars to use for Gaslands, including this little number:

I’m thinking a nice bone colour. It’s obvious, but I’m okay with that!

I’ve been in a hobby upswing lately and I’m hoping that I can maintain it. I’ve taken my foot off the gas a little since finishing the Maggotkin, but that’s largely because I’m taking stock and deciding what to jump into next. I think that once I’ve done this, I’ll be able to dive right into the next project and hopefully keep some momentum going!

Might just need to do a quick tidy of the desk, though…

Actually, a general tidy would be a good idea, as I do have a lot of very cool miniatures hopefully arriving in the near future. Some order that I’ve placed have been a little delayed by the stock of specific items, and that’s fine. I’m a little worried that I’m in danger of biting off a bit more than I can chew again, but we’ll see how things go.

Anyway, 40 models complete, bringing the total for the year to date to 67? Yeah, it’s been a good month as I start to get productive!


  1. Awesome job! That’s a ton of progress in one month and kudos on the Nurgle army! You definitely motivate me to buckle down and knock out some lingering projects. Challenge accepted!


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