Giants, Basing, Kitbashing: This Week’s Hobby 06/02/22

Dunno if this will be a weekly thing. Some weeks I just don’t do much, y’know? But it’s a good aspiration.

This has been a busy week, hobbywise. The biggest achievement was finishing up my Kraken Eater at the start of the week. This was not only significant for the model itself, but also in my having finished off my 2,000 points of Sons of Behemat. This also represents a nice, big tick next to one of my hobby goals for 2022. Here’s the lad, himself:

This was such a fun project, though it was often quite challenging, as it sometimes felt that I’d never get these huge models finished. For each one, there came a tipping point where you stood back and realised that, actually, you were now more than halfway done and the end was firmly in sight. That was a great feeling.

I also got photos of the army as a whole, which is something I really should have been doing all the way along. I added them to the Sons of Behemat gallery page, replacing the roughter, desktop photos that were there before. Here are a few highlights:

I wasn’t the only person in our club who really pushed for a good start to the year. We had 8 entries to our January painting contest. This is a lot for us, so it was pretty exciting. I’ve put the entries on the contest page so that people can access them for voting, and for general viewing. I’m sure they’d really appreciate it if you left a comment on the event page.

having finished up the Sons of Behemat project, there was some deliberation over what to do next, as I’d decided to tie in my next bit of hobby work with my club’s upcoming Path to Glory campaign. I went with the Troggoths and immediately set to building my last few Troggoths (6 more Rockguts and 3 more Fellwaters). I built them and got some base texture down.

Actually, speaking of basing, don’t I have a 2k Kruleboyz army that I built in December and which I also need to base? Well, damn. Did that too. Here’s a pic of me about halfway through, with just 40 Gutrippaz and a Snatchaboss to go:

I finished them all up. My next step with them will be to take some glue and rocks to those bases. I’ll get the Troggoths done first though, so that I can also prime them today and start getting them painted up during the week. I think these will go a lot quicker than the last batch (viewable here) as I’m pretture sure of their colour scheme now.

Finally, I broke out the bits box and went a-fishing. I came out with a bag of choice bits:

These are mostly Gloomspite parts, along with some parts from the Orruk Brutes. Some time ago I posted an article about what to do with the Stormcast Eternals from the Dominion box. I’ve decided to go with the Gloomspite-themed option and do some Gloomcast, the chosen of Gork and/or Mork. I’ve put together a little 2K list to work towards:

Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals
– Stormhost: Knights Excelsior
– Grand Strategy: Hold the Line

Lord-Imperatant (175)
Yndrasta, The Celestial Spear (320)
Knight-Vexillor with Banner of Apotheosis (160)
Knight-Arcanum (135)

3 x Annihilators (200)
10 x Vindictors (260)
 Reinforced x 1
10 x Vindictors (260)
 Reinforced x 1
3 x Annihilators (200)

3 x Praetors (165)
6 x Gryph-Hounds (110)

Total: 1985 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 2 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 112
Drops: 10

Is it an optimal list? Probably not. I do love the idea of it though. I dug out enough parts to give it a good go. Someone from the local club will give me some suitable wings for Yndrasta. I need to see if I have enough old, metal Squigs for the Gryph-Hounds unit. I’m a bit doubtful on that, but will take to eBay if I need to for the last 3, or failing that I’ll find some 3D printed options. I’d rather go classic, though.

I decided to dip my toe in the water with an initial unit of Vidictors:

They’ve come out looking okay, but I think I need to take a cue from what I did with my Necrons and really get in there and dirty them up with some texture paints. I’ll give them an initial pass with a primer and see what I can do.

Gamewise, I got a 1250 point game of Age of Sigmar this week at the local club. My Troggoths faced off against some Flesheater Courts. For much of the game, we were actually pretty close, but things snowballed at the end and it ended up being a pretty solid win for the insatiable, old ghouls.

It was great to get my Troggoths back to the table, though. It was also cool to bring out my new dice tray and my objective markers for the first time. It was a good game, all in all. I think I need to be a bit less timid in the face of the Terrorgheist, but it does hit bloody hard…

All in all then, a good week. Good progress on a few different fronts and a fun game as well. This week, I intend to get some priming done and crack on with the Troggoths. I’d like to at least get the Troggboss finished and maybe make some progress on the three half-painted Fellwaters.

Catch you next week!


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