Troggs and Wizards: This Week’s Hobby 06/03/22

A reasonably productive week!  I started off by just finishing my Fembruary miniatures in time before the end of February.  These were also the only two miniatures I finished in February. 

The miniatures are a very Frozen-like wizard/apprentice pair from North Star Military Figures.  They are intended for use in Frostgrave.  They were a lot of fun to paint.  My favourite bit is actually how good that leaf littercworks on the ground.  I will likely use similar basing on my upcoming Unliving City army. 

I also finished the last of my Rockgut Troggoths for the ol’ Gloomspite Gitz.  I liked painting these lads.  I just like painting bright, bold colours, I suppose.  The Troggs are lettigng me do that.

I also got to update the Gloomspite Gitz gallery page with these pictures and with a lovely pic of my previously-completed Dankhold Troggoth. 

I like that this got March off to a good start.  February wasn’t a great month.  I spent much of it feeling a bit flat and couldn’t really settle to anything, despite having a very productive January.  It was good to break out of that rut at the end of the month. Hopefully March will be productive, though most of the weekends are booked up!

I also managed to get a game of Age of Sigmar in this week. It was my first since the start of February and it saw my Ironjawz face off against the Flesheater Courts.

My opponent is practicing for an upcoming tournament and encouraged me to bring the filth. I brought the filth in the form of Kragnos, a Megaboss on Mawcrusha and a Rogue Idol in the same list.

It was not a close game.

I really enjoy this list. Monsters are so much fun in this edition and I get to throw around three really good ones, each of which is quite different to the other two.

Yesterday I also went shopping. I was visiting the Central Belt, so there were a lot of shops to choose from. I visited a new games store, which I will discuss later in the week, but I also visited a pet shop. I don’t have – and nor do I want – any pets. What I wanted was a selection of aquarium ornaments:

I picked up a suitably Nurglish gaming mat a few months ago and I’m not looking to prep some terrain for it. Aquarium ornaments seem a good match. I just avoided anything too aquatic and will tear off those awful plastic leaves that adorn some of them. They’ll need repainted, too.

My next immediate bit of hobby will be more Troggs!

Fellwater Troggoths! 9 of them! The scheme is pretty simple, so they should hopefully not take too long to finish up. Since taking that picture, the only progress I’ve really made has been some Zandri Dust on the bases.

Once they’re done, the Troggboss will be next! I’ll also be looking at doing a character miniature of some type for this month’s club painting event.


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