Feck All on Friday 25/03/22

I’m travelling this weekend, so I’ve not managed to put together a 5 on Friday, and it’s really awkward to deal with all those links on a mobile device. So yeah, have a good weekend!

That said, let’s have a wee chat before I go. It’s been a good month, March. I’ve managed to get a fair few models finished up. Back in January, I painted my Sons of Behemat army, but I really took my eye off the ball in February. March has been magnificent, though:

Colourful, aren’t they? Contrast paints have been a game-changer for me. As someone who doesn’t have a huge amount of time to paint, they let me get stuff done quickly and, whilst they may not be done to an amazing standard, most of what I paint is quite acceptable. It certainly looks good on the actual table. That kind of distance is pretty forgiving.

Last time I did one of these posts, I shared some stats from my Pile of Potential. That was fun. Let’s do that again. First of all, I’ve made some pretty good progress on my Gloomspite backlog, clearing up the Troggoth element entirely:

Oh, sure, there are 1300+ points of Squigs still needing to be done, but my focus this time was firmly on the Troggoths. I’ll return for the Squigs later. The less said about the Spiders, the better…

I also moved on in March to expand the Maggotkin. So far, I’ve finished up my converted Gnarlmaw and the Great Unclean One.

Today I made a start on another mode. Bloab! Bloab Rotspawned is one of my favourites, and one which has been in my backlog for years now, having originally been picked up when the previous Maggotkin book was released a few years back. I won’t make any more progress in him this week, but at least I’ve made a start.

I’ve been thinking about a few different things to write about on here. One of momentum. It seems appropriate that I lost momentum several times when writing this post, and it’s still languishing in my drafts.

I also started a post on running John Scalzi books as roleplaying games. This one might take a wee while to really think through. I love Scalzi, and I think the situations that he creates for his novels are ripe for use in an RPG. World-building is one of his real strengths. I’m enjoying putting these together.

Next week I want to get back onto painting. I’ll have a wee bit more time, so should hopefully fit more in.

Catch y’all on Sunday evening for the Hobby Update!

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