Feck all on Friday 28/01/22

I’m travelling this weekend, so I’ve not managed to put together a 5 on Friday, and it’s really awkward to deal with all those links on a mobile device. Instead, here I am just encouraging you to have a great weekend!

Before I go… what have I been up to in the past week? Well, I continue to make progress on my 2,000 points of Sons of Behemat. You can see my progress over at my Pile of Potential, or below:

Satisfying. I’ve updated my Sons of Behemat gallery, adding the lad himself:

I’m now in the late stages of my final Gargant for this initial 2k list, my Kraken Eater:

The Kraken Eater is actually my favourite Gargant, but he’s proving to be a right paint to paint. If you ever do get yourself one, make sure to paint the ship before placing it on his back, and make sure to paint his net and the contents of it before sticking it all together. The Net is actually the last bit I’ve to do, other than picking out some barnacles. It’s proving tricky…

I want to have these finished by the end of the month, which doesn’t leave long. I then need to get better photos, both for my gallery, and for a painting even at our local club.

I’ve also got a few games in. Before that though, I’m making an effort to get a bit more obvious, so I’ve sorted myself out with a dice bag to take with me to games with all the dice I’ll need:

Green and purple dice for play, AoS scenery dice, green D8s for disease points and red dice for wound tracking. All that’s missing are the red D10s that I also use for wound tracking, but they actually arrived today, so they’ll be good to next for next week!

For my actual games, I got two little games of Age of Sigmar last night with my Maggotkin of Nurgle, squaring off against some Flesheater Courts and Kharadron Overlords:

It was a win against the Flesheaters and a bloody close loss to the Kharadron. What can I say, their shooting hurts, and I felt that I lacked the speed or the damage output to really do much about that.

Anyway, I better head off. Catch y’all next week, when hopefully I’ll have some better Gargant pics to share!


  1. Great! That turned out to be rather a busy post for ‘feck all Friday’! Your tribe of giants is progressing brilliantly, and I love that Pile Of Potential website. Soon you’ll have to decide between playing Maggotkin or SoB when you get your Age of Sigmar on.


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