Wishlisting Projects: Spess Orks, Sky Goblins and the New Men

I really enjoyed the first of these wishlisting articles, so let’s take another look. At the time of writing, I have three projects on the go. I gave an account of these last week, so you you can go check out that post if you’d like. Today, I’m going to do what all obsessive Warhammer fans do, and have a wee think about other armies I’d possibly like to do in the future.

Of course, most of the army ideas that we consider amount to nothing. They’re often passing thoughts which are dismissed as quickly as they appeared. If I do end up doing any of these, they’ll also not be starting until I’ve cleared at least one of my current three projects from my slate.

Two-Flavour Space Orks

I like Greenskins. Clearly. Orcs were my first army for Warhammer and the Gloomspite Gitz have taken the place of Tzeentch as my favourite Age of Sigmar army. I’m also probably going to do some Krule Boyz once they’re out…

I’ve never really given their sci-fi counterparts much of a thought, or at least not a sustained one. I’ve actually got a little stack of kits for them, including some Mega Nobz, a Big Mek, some Dreads, and so on. I’ve long loved the idea of a mechanised Ork army consisting of Orky vehicles and maybe some looted vehicles from other factions.

I like the ramshackle nature of Ork vehicles and the bizarre genius of their Big Meks. In the time since I first started looking at doing a Mek-based Ork army, Games Workshop has also released a ton of new vehicles. There are speedy cars and buggies, flyers, massive new walkers and so on. This seems serendipitous. This seems tempting.

What I love most about this type of army is that you can either go heavy on the beautiful Ork kits or, as I would like to do, lean into the scavenger aspect. After all, isn’t every vehicle kit and Ork kit? I have an old Space Marine Drop Pod that I could happily turn into an Ork flyer. I have an old Land Raider that would make a great basis for a Battlewagon. You know the sort of thing! I think that I’d want to do an army with lots of looted vehicles, salvaged armour and weird conversions and kitbashes.

The timing seems good as well, as the new Ork book is coming pretty soon, and with is an update to the core Ork Boyz set. The thing Is, it’s not just the book that Games Workshop has previewed. They’ve also shown a decided un-mekky side of the Orks in the form of the Beastsnagga Boyz:

Harkening back to the old Feral Ork Boyz, but replacing their vehicles with bigass Squigs, the Beastsnaggas do look like they are for me. Anyone following recent posts will know that I am all about the squigs just now. So having bigger, bitier Squigs being ridden by bigger, choppier greenskins is obviously a win for me.

I am very tempted to pick up the Beastsnagga box when it comes out, even though I know it will sit on my pile of shame for some time. The core Beastsnagga Boyz are really nice minis, the characters are interesting and imposing and the squigs… well, they’re Squigs. Of course they’re great.

My question really is, which side to do? The mek-based boyz that I’ve always longed for, or their feral cousins with a side of Squigs? The difference is that the Mek army would be an opportunity for a ton of conversions whilst I would likely not do many for the Beastsnaggas. Food for thought.

Kharadron Overgitz

The Kharadron Overlords are an interesting faction. Steampunk sky dwarfs? Yeah, it’s a fun concept. I love so many things about the range and yet… I just don’t want to collect them. At least, I don’t want to collect them as standard.

What I would like to do is to take their beautiful sky-ships and really dirty them up, cover them in armour plates, festoon them with spikes and crew them with vicious gobbos! I think that maybe I’m just continuing my love of the Mek army idea and going adfter Looted Airships.

I think that given the heavy armour of some of the Kharadron miniatures, I could also convert these into Goblins, scratching up the armour and subbing in some suitably piratey gobbo heads. Possibly some Orcs (Orruks?) as well, depending on the components I can find.

I see this is potentially a very low model-count army, but with some nice, big centrepiece models in the form of the ships. The idea of an Ironclad is particularly appealing. I’d also be doing conversions for pretty much every model, which is both daunting and appealing, probably in equal measure. It’s just a pity that this would be an Order army, rules-wise, so I couldn’t really combine the army with my existing Gitz. As we have seen with my Garden of Nurgle minis, the armies of Order mainly exist to get chopped up to make more interesting armies from other factions!

Creations of Bile

I’ve used Fabius Bile (Fabulous Bill?) one and off since third edition, only really stopping when I got rid of my sizeable-if-ramshackle Chaos army a couple of years ago. His miniature was definitely showing its age by the time Psychic Awakening rolled around and gave us his far more imposing new mini. With it, came rules for a themed, Bile-Led army. And you know me, I’m a sucker for themed army ideas

If I’m being honest, the Psychic Awakening Bile list was a tad disappointing. I’d have liked to see more variety, maybe some unique units that could be represented by conversions. I suppose that in a post-Chapterhouse world, Games Workshop are hesitant to put out unit rules without accompanying minis.

That said, just because the rules aren’t as unique as they could be does not mean that I can’t put out some marines and other creatures that have been clearly and extensively… ‘improved’ by Bile. I love the Fabius Bile books, and they are just full of inspiration for lots of fun and unique characters. I’d love to make suitable minis for Death Guard Apothecary Khorag Sinj, World Eaters Apothecary Arrian Zorzi, Word Bearers Diabolist Saqqara Ur-Damak Thresh, and the mutated female warrior, Savona. So many possibilities!

Ultimately, there’s a lot that can be done with a Chaos army when you really embrace the weird. There’s so much scope for mutation and madness. It’s an exciting prospect.


  1. Taste is a very subjective thing, but I can tell you that I’ve been having a lot of fun lately with the Ork buggy kits.

    Steampunk zeppelin Goblins would certainly be a super project. I have seen a couple of pictures of people doing something similar which could be good inspiration.


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