Completed: Bad Moon and Purple Sun

Well, this is nice. My first complete miniatures since the start of May! As I mentioned recently, I’m off to a tournament this weekend, which prompted me to finally get my Bad Moon Loonshrine finished:

This has been hanging over me for ages and I’m glad to have finished it up. You’ll note that the cages aren’t on there. They broke off ages ago and are long lost. I considered removing the broken loops but ended up just not. The broken loops seemed appropriate. I’m actually really happy to finish this up, even if it was something of a quick and dirty paintjob.

The other mini I had to finish up was the Purple Sun of Shyish endless spell, also required for the weekend:

As with my previous endless spells, I went pretty minimal here. It turned out a bit better than expected, actually. Not convinced about the green energy on the ground, but the spiky testicle itself looks decent.

Yeah, I’m really happy that I’ve actually brought myself to do some painting! Let’s try and get back to it next week, eh?


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