NoRerolls’ Best Posts of 2019

We’re nearly at the end of the year, commonly accepted as a time of reflection.  In that spirit, and following a more general “best of” post last week, let’s take a look at some of my favourite posts from this blog over the past year.

Each post title will be followed by its featured image and a short reflection on why I like the article.  For individual posts, you can click the title to visit it.  For any series of posts, I will post links in the reflective blurb.

Let’s take a look at 7 posts that I enjoyed this year:

Triple Triad Cards: My Final Fantasy Tactics Deck


The first post from this year that I’m really happy with is from February.  When I stopped having much to say about the FFVII card game, I consolidated my Triple Triad Cards blog into this one.  Sure enough, I don’t post too often about Triple Triad any more.

The last major update was this Final Fantasy Tactics deck.  It looks pretty good, though it’s slightly limited by the available artwork.  This is very much a pictorial article, consisting of red and blue versions of 110 different cards and not a whole lot of text.  I have a few highlights from the deck:

The FFT deck was one of my favourite decks from the old Triple Triad X site, so recreating it in higher quality was a nostalgic treat!

Hobby Update: A Month Into 2019


For a while, in previous years, I was doing Hobby updates on Sundays.  In these posts, I would often summarise my hobby activities from the previous week.  In early February, I posted an update covering the first month of the year.  It included a lot of pretty pictures!

I also included some cooking pictures, which is a bit different for this blog.  We’ve always focused pretty firmly on the tabletop hobby, and we should probably stay that way.  That said, it’s not my only hobby.  I love cooking, trying out new ideas in the kitchen and experimenting.  Is it something that’s worth exploring here, or does that detract from the core idea of the blog?  

It’s something worth thinking about.

Supplementary: Orcbusters for Paranoia

orcbusters art

The ‘Supplementary’ series title is one I might stop using in favour of just labeling RPG supplement reviews as, well, reviews

This was a fun review to carry out.  I love Paranoia, both in its latest incarnation from Mongoose, and in older forms – particularly 2nd edition.  Orcbusters is one of the most unique adventure modules for the classic edition of the game and this article explores all of the cool little bits and pieces that can be found therein.

Collecting RPGs: My Take

cod coll

I collect RPG books.  I definitely have more games and supplements than I will ever actually use, but I really like just reading them and mining them for ideas and inspiration.  In this article, I take a look at my collection, with a particular focus on those games that I enjoy collecting.

Since this article was posted, I have expanded my D&D 5E collection and am still up to date with the series.  I’ve also brought my Paranoia collection up to date and have picked up the latest edition of Call of Cthulhu.

Reflections on Tabletop Scotland 2019

vtm game top

This was the second year that Tabletop Scotland has run, and the first year that I have attended.  I loved it.  I had some friends that had gone along the previous year, and they all said that they’d had a lot of fun.  As such, I knew I wouldn’t want to miss out on it this year.  I planned well, booking up slots on lots of roleplaying games.

In the end I got to play Traveller, Fate, Paranoia, They Came From Beneath the Sea and Vampire: The Masquerade.  Every game was fantastic and it was great to play with two RPG writers, Matthew Dawkins and Klara Horskjær Herbøl.  Their games were particularly interesting.  Playing Matthew’s new game, They Came from Beneath the Sea, was incredibly fun and funny.  It helped that we had a really nice group.  It was the funniest RPG session I’ve ever played in, and I felt that I did pretty well with my own character.  Klara ran a game of Vampire: The Masquerade which was really enjoyable.  She made up some great off-the-cuff NPCs which were good to interact with and very memorable – I’ve nicked two of them for my own campaign!  

A Trio of Reviews


In recent weeks, I’ve written three reviews, all of which I’m quite happy with. 

World of Wacraft 5E – This PDF was a great find.  I had been thinking about writing up a conversion of WoW for 5E.  I decided to see if anyone else had given it any thought and found this masterpiece.  This review looks at the core PDF, but also compares it to the old World of Wacraft RPG that was put out by White Wolf.

Changeling: The Dreaming (C5) – Linked in a World of Darkness Facebook group, this conversion PDF brings Changeline: The Dreaming into the latest edition of World of Darkness, as described in Vampire: The Masquerade 5th ed.  This is an incredibly professional effort!  The artwork is great, the page design and layout echoes V5 whilst still being unique, and the new rules look good and are complemented with lots of page references to both V5 and C20.  I really enjoyed reading the PDF and writing up this review.

Ten Candles – My most recent review, and what will be the last one of this year.  We played Ten Candles this Halloween and had a pretty great time with it.  It’s a game I’d happily play again, and one I really wanted to share with other people.  With that sharing in mind, I wrote a review to really gush about how much I loved this game.

A Weekend’s Building

construct top

There wasn’t much to this post, but it represented the biggest bit of miniature hobbying that I’d done in months.  It also helped me to reaffirm my love of TTCombat, producers of fantastic MDF scenery for miniature wargames (seriously guy.  Sponsor me.  Call me!).  Simply put, it made me happy.  Maybe if I do more painting and whatnot I’ll feel even happier.  This should motivate me.

I hope it motivates me.

I want to be motivated.


Onward to 2020

I take pride in a lot of the articles on this site.  I know there are some, like the 5 on Friday series, that are pretty formulaic and procedural, but I like my longer, more interesting pieces.  I like that that the average post length is over 1,000 words and that I’m regularly putting out articles with 2, 3, sometimes 5 times that amount.  I also like that I’m only 87 views away from my goal of doubling last year’s total number of pageviews.

Considering the above selection, I’d like to do more of these next year.  I’d like to more reviews and more hobby posts.  I’d like, though this is less likely thant the other two suggestions, to perhaps make some RPG resources, too.

I’m looking forward to seeing what 2020 brings!

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