Throwback Thursday: Triple Triad Megapack

It’s been a few years since I last did a Throwback Thursday article, but I’ve been thinking about this topic and I wanted to share these older posts.

Triple Triad was a minigame included in Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy VIII. It was a card game that could be played against a number of NPCs across the game world. It was also pretty damn good, and there soon came to be websites that allowed you to play the game online against other players from around the world.

For several years, I was really hooked on these sites, and I embedded myself in the communities that surrounded them. I thought it would be nice to look back at some of the Triple Triad articles that we’ve done over the years.

Let’s start with The CCG Square-Enix Should Release. This article is a nice intro to the topic, as it kind of sums up the game and why I love it, and acts as a plea to Square-Enix to do something cool with it

A little later, once I shut my own Triple Triad blog and merged the content into NoRerolls, I expounded a little more on my love for the game and community. This was my article, On My Love of Triple Triad and the Sites On Which I Played.

Next up was a Triple Triad Card Numbering Guide. Making custom cards for Triple Triad was a big part of the community side of the Triple Triad sites. Now, when making custom cards to share with others on the forums, it didn’t really matter what numbers you gave your cards – it was a bit of fun with Photoshop! If you’re making decks for the sites though? If you want them to be playable? Even if you just want your little custom cards to look or feel playable? In that case, let’s bring in some balance. I did not originally create the guide, as it had been floating around the community for a number of years, but I did reproduce it here for reference.

After this, I moved on to sharing a number of decks that I had made. Four of these decks were based on the Final Fantasy series, covering FFIV, FFV, FFVI, and FFIX. There were intended to go onto a new Triple Triad site that was being developed, but it seems to have faded away into nothing. The cards, however, are still available to view. For each of the decks, you can click on the image to be taken to the deck page:


Now, up to this point, all of these cards are based on the traditional Triple Triad templates. Back when I was working on another Triple Triad site, I designed a set of templates aimed at anime-themed cards, with a particular focus on Pokémon.

With these templates, I completed a Dragon Ball Deck. It says Dragon Ball Z in the image below, but really it’s the whole saga up to the point that I made the cards. I suppose it’s a bit out of date now, what with Dragon Ball Super! You can click here to go and view the Dragon Ball Saga deck.

One of the things I always loved about the various Triple Triad communities over the years was the creativity of the playerbase. They created boards, cards and, as I did above, templates. There was one set of templates that stood out for me above all others…

The Triple Triad Realms templates, a set intended to give a cool RPG vibe to the cards, were my favourites. I did not make them myself, but I’d hate for them to disappear off the internet as these sites die off, so I uploaded a Triple Triad Realms Showcase to share both the templates, and many of the cards that were intended for the site. I also shared a few of my own efforts, but these pale in comparison to the originals!

The Triple Triad communities I grew up with have all died away now, and the players who I got to know so well are scattered to the winds. And that’s ok, you know? It’s just a wee game that I really loved when I was growing up. I just thought it would be nice to share some of the posts I’ve made over the past few years that reminisce about and celebrate the game and the community around it.


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