Hobby Update: Fighting Back Against Blibdoolpoolp

So, our ongoing Wednesday night D&D group have been adventuring in the Tal’Dorei setting, as created in the popular series, Critical Role.  I’ve never watched Critical Role, myself, so it may as well be an original setting, as far as I’m concerned.  It’s a good thing I don’t have too much attachment to the setting, as we’re rapidly ruining it.

My dear, stupid Cleric, Harrel has always acted with good intentions.  He cares about the people of the world and wants the best for them.  As such, he just wants them to embrace his beloved Goddess, Blibdoolpoolp.  Blibdoolpoolp is not, however, what Harrel believes Her to be.  She is an evil, malevolent deity.  As such, when Harrel was granted a wish from a deck of many things he was keen to wish that the major city he was in would just rule Blibdoolpoolp as much as he does.

Yeah, the city was instantly reimagined as a dark city of towering spires and oppressive, black-clad patrols.  Oh, dear.

One of the silver linings of this wish was seen this week.  We did a one-shot game, run by one of our regular players.  In this game, we took on the roles of characters sent on a mission to sabotage Church of Blibdoolpoolp activities within the city.  It was a lot of fun:

I played as a bard, which was a new class for me.  The only little issue I had was that I designed a character around social skills for a game that turned out to be heavy on combat, rather than social interaction.  And that’s fine, I still got to do things, just without putting out the sort of damage that others in the group were able to.

Still, a very fun game and night!  It does also set us up for another outing in the future.

I didn’t get to break out any other tabletop games this week, but I did do a bit of reorganising in the games room.  I freed up a couple of shelves on one of the smaller units and moved my GMT boxes into them.  This freed up space in the big unit, allowing me to fit in the games that were previously homeless.


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