Hobby Update: Checkin’ in Before the Top 50

I last posted on the 25th of November with a Hobby Update.  At that point, I said I didn’t have a lot of time, and things haven’t changed hugely since then.  The good thing about having these longer gaps between hobby updates is that, in these quieter weeks in hobbying, I can gather a few updates together into one post that feels a bit more worthwhile and substantial.

The day after that last post was my birthday.  My friends and family were very generous and I was treated very well.  Among the gifts I received were these adorable Rick and Morty plushies:

rick and morty toys

They’ve joined my stuffed Frankenstein’s Monster, perched in the game shelves.  They seem to feel quite at home there.  I’m not one for keeping things mint in box or anything like that, so they’re sittin’ freestyle.

My Wednesday night games of Dungeons & Dragons continue apace.  I think I’m at the point that Harrel, my Half-Orc Cleric, has seen his dreams come true and become living nightmares.  Now he only wants to find his former companion, Wendell, and bury his head firmly in whatever sand he can find.

With this in mind, he has thrown caution somewhat to the wind.  Previously, Harrel was quite careful, but recent sessions have seen him charging headlong down corridors of traps and cannonballing off huge waterfalls.  He survived all of this, taking very little damage and putting out a lot of hurt to any who would cross his path.

He’s been particularly surprised by the protection that Blibdoolpoolp seems to have given him.  His Spiritual Guardians spell was crushingly effective against some ravenous fishmen and his spiritual weapon continues to crush skulls.  These spiritual companions all take the form of lobsters or their claws.  Even if Harrel does not value himself, he’s being protected by something…

We also had another Adventurer’s League session.  One of our players won the monthly draw and got a lovely dragon dice tower.  I continue to not really have a strong handle on my character in this campaign, though I’m taking a more active role.

I’m finding myself playing sidekick to our Tabaxi bard and I’m okay with that.  I’m enjoying some of the scrapes and scenes we get into and the player is really creative and quick on his feet.  I’m particularly loving our attempts to shoehorn classic Disney songs into every situation.  It’s mostly worked out well, so far.

On the board game side, I played a game of Blackstone Fortress, the 40K version of Warhammer Quest.  I played as the Navigator and, to be honest, I wasn’t much looking forward to playing this game.  It just, from what I saw online, didn’t look like it was really for me.  I couldn’t put my finger on why.  Maybe it just looked like a box with some plastic models and bits of card.  That describes all games, I know, but there are a few boxes from Games Workshop that just feel so cursory; a way to shift some models at a decent markup.

I’m delighted to say that I was wrong.  I knew this was going to look pretty, but it also played really well.  it’s a solid game that does not feel like a throwaway cash-grab or excuse to sell a few models.  It’s a bit cheesy to say, but it feels like this was made with love.  Or at least with respect for the audience, which seems to be a hallmark that sets the new Games Workshop apart from the old one that we’d gotten used to over the years.  I’m really keen to play this again, and I think I’m scheduled for a game next week!  I’m also quite tempted to pick this one up at some point, myself.

When I was south for work, I popped into Static Games in Glasgow.  I love that wee shop.  I really like their RPG section in particular.  I picked up some FATE books last time I was there and, this time, I picked up another:

war of ashes

I don’t know the setting at all and, to be honest, I don’t know that I’ll ever use it directly, but I like looking at these different FATE adaptations to see the changes that the writers make.  FATE is an adaptable system and I really want to use it more, but actually having examples of how to adapt it is really useful.

In other news, Christmas approaches and I’m making the place suitably seasonal.  I say I am making the place seasonal, but I actually have very little to do with it.  The wife is all about Christmas:

Yeah, it’s lookin’ cosy at the moment.  Really nice.

Tomorrow, the first of this year’s Top 50 posts will go up, covering games 50 through 41.


See you then!


  1. I once had a half-orc cleric that wasn’t much more than support role. I had flubbed a lot of my ability stat rolls, so he really just turtled and spammed bless/bane and healed the other characters.


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